Heartbeat ❤️

I figured we needed a little update. I am now 15 weeks pregnant with my little bean. (Gender still to be determined) so what’s been happening?

Well I’m finally (just about) over this horrible cough flu thing I’ve had, my stomach is VERY twingey and stretchy even though I still don’t think I’m showing yet. That’s the problem with being fat and pregnant nobody can really tell if you are still fat or actually pregnant.

Anyhow… off I popped for my 15 week check up with my lovely midwife Rebecca. Same midwife I had last time by the way which I am SO RELIEVED about as she’s so lovely and caring. So we did the usual pee test. Oh how I’ve not missed pissing in the worlds smallest test tube! We did a few bits like checking for early pre eclampsia and some blood tests ect. Then it was time to Listen to baby’s heartbeat for the first time!! Ekkkkk

So off I lay on that really awkwardly Shaped table top pulled up (Which I felt so self conscious about as I’m not exactly a size 4) now I forgot to mention I had Rex with me in this appointment who may I add sat watching YouTube on my phone behaving impeccably! Or untill he saw the Doppler Machien he started crying and getting really upset I’m not quite sure what he thought it was but he wasn’t happy! Anyway on goes the Doppler Machien thingey few minuets of trying and nothing then all of a sudden BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM the heartbeat!! And oh my god rex belly laughed like I’ve never heard him laugh before in my life!! It was hillarious so much so that me and the midwife were in hysterics aswell which really made the experience rather fun, so Thankyou to rex for that!!

Now for the not so nice bit. This conversation actually put the fear of god into me. Basically when giving birth to Rex I had to be “cut” yes and by cut I mean I had my fanny sliced open like a tin of corned beef, and as a consequence of that I ended up losing 2 litres of blood which to this day still makes me shiver!! Anyhow long story short I’m classed as high risk so when I go into labour I absolutely have to be at the hospital and I have to have a blood transfusion and emergency doctor on stand by plus a couple of other bits that I really didn’t understand so that kinda put a dampener on the whole thing but I guess it’s better to be prepared!!

Till next time




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