🌸Baby shower🌸

Oh my goodness I’m just about recovering from the most amazing afternoon surrounded by friends and family for my baby shower.

So way back when I first found out I was pregnant for a second time I’d already decided I didn’t want a baby shower and I wanted zero fuss from anyone because ofcorse that dreaded feeling of guilt and grief was following me around everywhere telling me I shouldnt be celebrating or feeling happy when my brother isn’t around to share this time with me.

So a few months later when one of my bestest friends asked me about a baby shower I was like ermmmm I guess we could do something, just small and no fuss would be nice. So a couple of my mates got to planning and I just left them to it.

So it got decided we’d have afternoon tea in my back garden which I was really happy about. Something simple but fun with a little class. Everyone chipped in with jobs such as making cakes, buying sandwiches, decorations and games and lending chairs. All I needed to do was make the scones and turn up! Excellent an easy day for me!

I had my dress picked out for a few weeks I don’t really do dresses but as it’s my baby shower I thought I should make the effort, I found a really lovely one in primark and happend to find a matching one for the baby aswel!! Which I was so excited about. And actually I have to say for someone who HATES their appearance and constantly worries about how they look, I looked back on the photos and I actaully think I looked good for once!!

It had been raining pretty much all week so ofcorse I was panicking about the weather as there really isn’t room in my house for 30 odd people but luckely we borrowed a gazebo and bought one of our own just incase. The week before trying to get the grass cut was an absolute bastard, I was having nightmares of people having to sit in the long grass because it was just so wet we couldn’t get it done. By some stroke of luck the friday before we managed to quickly get it done so that was one less worry for me. And as it turns out it was dry and very sunny all day on the day! Horray!! So the girls turned up in the morning and cracked on with decorating whilst mum French plaited my hair and made it all pretty with flowers. As you can see below we had the most amazing spread of food, lovely sandwiches pork pies scones cake and macaroons. and plenty of prosecco for those that could drink!

After food the Lovely Charlotte had so many games planned for us and oh my god it was so fun! We had little quizzes, sniff the chocolate in the nappy (which went down a storm as you can imagine) oh it was great fun we must have been doing it for well over an hour and everyone said what a smashing time they had. So huge thanks to Charlotte for being such an amazing host and doing all the games it really made the day so much fun. After we also did guess the size of my bump. And a lovely friend of mine who is a very talented artist made a picture and everyone who came put their finger print on it so I’m going to get that framed and put up.

We had so many lovely gifts. To many to mention but I think one of my favourites was the nappy cake a friend made me! It’s bloody awesome and I don’t want to take it apart. Thankyou to every single one of you who gave gifts it’s really so overwhelming.

Me with the nappy cake! Thankyou becca

So that’s that. We all had a blinking good afternoon eating cake and being silly. I’d like to thank all my lovely family and friends for making me feel so loved. I’d especially like to thank Harriet, Charlotte and Charley for making it so special and giving me a really awesome afternoon that I’m so glad I changed my mind and we did! Below are just a few photos of the day. 🌸




4 thoughts on “🌸Baby shower🌸

  1. Aw amazing! I’m glad you enjoyed it and that the weather turned round! I could write almost the exact same post as mine too was this weekend and I was also scared of having so many people huddled in my living room 😂 Glad we got some sunshine! Not long to go now! 😬

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