How to grow a baby (and do it well)

The hard part is done right? all those months of relentless sex and timing ovulation hoping the husbands little swimmer makes it up the V channel and latches on to an egg to make a baby. We’ve all been there unless you are lucky enough to get pregnant on the first try!

so once again we find ourselves peeing on a little stick and finding out the long awaited news WE ARE PREGNANT! the jobs done now right? we just lay back and let our bodies do the baby growing. As much as this is true we also have to learn basically how to grow a baby. What could possibly go wrong?

Us women are pretty resilient and the fact that we can actually grow human life inside of us is something I thought nothing of until I fell pregnant and suddenly it dawned on me SHIT this is happening… I am growing a baby!!

Here is my experience of how to grow a baby and do it well…

The morning I found out I was pregnant was total shock and elation. off to work I went having to keep this a secret from everyone (apart from a few close twitter friends) The very first thing I remember doing is cooking breakfast for a customer as I bent down to grab a plate I thought to myself shit can I bend down ? will I harm the teiny tiny baby in my tummy. In actual fact later on I found out from the hospital and I quote ” it would take getting hit by a lorry to damage the baby as its so far deep inside my womb”   so as long as you are careful don’t worry too much about harming the little bean they are very well protected in there.

Its so easy to forget to look after yourself once you become a mother to be BUT… self care is one of the most important things whilst coping with growing a baby. Feel tired? take a nap. Feeling emotional? get the tissues out and have a good cry. Feeling hungry? go and buy that double chocolate fudge cake you’ve been eyeing up for weeks grab a fork and devour the lot without feeling guilty. For weeks I ignored my body and the signs it was sending me I tried not to cry when I felt upset. I grabbed an apple when what I really wanted was some good old chocolate cake. I denied myself the right to not feel ok and until I gave in and  had a good cry and stuck my face in a chocolate cake ( not at the same time I may add ) I began to feel like a woman coping with growing a baby and I felt human for letting myself feel my feelings. Allow yourself some luxuries every now and again because after all you wont be pregnant forever and if you are seen in costa crying into a chocolate cake you will probabley be asked to leave. Us pregnant women can get away with an awful lot!

Take note of what doctors and midwives tell you, listen to their advice nod and smile then do things your own way because they may be experts in telling you what to do but at the end of the day you know your own body if you decide to buy formula don’t let anyone bully you into breast feeding, if you want to do things your own way then be your own person do what you feel is right for YOUR baby. Obsivously I don’t endorse smoking or drinking whilst growing your tiny human if you need help stopping there is a number of websites to help and also speak to your doctor before its to late.

The most important part about growing a baby is love… no matter what kind of pregnancy you are having weather you are sailing through not gaining a pound and looking like a Hollywood superstar or weather you are struggling to get washed and dressed every morning and go to work looking like forrest Gump. As long as you love your baby  and love yourself that’s all that matters… everything else you deal with will be the making of what kind of mum you will become.

Whatever pregnancy throws at you unconditional love is the key to growing a baby and doing it well




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