The running mum

So as well as my new adventure into motherhood my job as a chef and just generally being me I have another love in my life…. RUNNING! Some of you may be rolling your eyes right now and sniggering thinking she doesn’t have the body for a runner how the hell can she possibly run? For the uneducated people thinking this let me tell you us fat girls can run to! It doesn’t take the body on an athlete to get your running shoes on and pound the pavements getting those miles in. I used to be embarrassed at the fact I ran when I am the size I am I only ever used to run in the dark because I was so scared all the passing cars would be laughing at me! Now? I’m a proud runner and give zero fucks about what anyone thinks about me, after 3 half marathons and 1 10k I have earnt the right to feel proud of myself.

My running story started way back in 2015 when I decided I wanted to give up the fags and get fit. I wont lie it was bloody hard to start with! but once I got into the swing of things and started losing weight it was the best feeling in the world! I didn’t run far but I got out there most nights and put the hard work in eventually loosing about 2 stone. One summer about 3 years ago I got the extremely sad news that one of my best friends from school had very sadly taken her own life. Even though I hadn’t seen her or spoken in a while I was just in shock and numb. The night of her funeral I obviously got very drunk and thought how can I do something positive to raise money in her memory? so I very drunkenly signed up for Edinburgh half marathon!

Holy shit… now I actually need to be serious about my running and get a training plan! I worked hard for months as well as fundraising for my chosen charity The mental health foundation. I worked my little (big) arse off for months and finally got up to 8 miles before I had to stop this was a huge achievement for me! The day of the half marathon I was shaking like a shitting dog I cant even tell you how nervous I was I just wanted to finish the race for my friend. It was long it was hard and gruelling but after 3.5 hours I finally crossed that finish line and burst into tears … I DONE IT! so proud of myself and my total fundraising was just over £1,000.

The following September I ran a 10k up in Scotland and in October I ran the oxford half marathon this time I ran for Oxfordshire mind which is also a mental health charity. see a theme here? From then on I didn’t run so much and ended up putting all the weight back on. After trying for a baby for 6 months last year I decided I needed to start running again and quit smoking (again) so I did… I worked even harder this time with a lot of long runs I managed 9 miles this time before I had to stop. So I thought as I’m not getting pregnant I may aswel enter oxford half again. race day is always so nerve-racking !but once again the crowd got me through and I broke my current record! I managed the first 10 miles before I had to stop and walk for a second. Once again I crossed that finish line with so much pride and a new medal to add to my collection.

1 week later… BAM IM PREGNANT!! What are the chances? I had in fact run a half marathon whilst 4 weeks pregnant. I’m such a badass 😉 so oxford half marathon October 2018 was in fact the last time I ran, against advice from the hospital I decided to give up running whilst I had a baby on board its not worth the risk to me as id had a few falls in the past.

For now I am really excited to start running again once the little one is here and get fit once again and maybe even enter a race who knows! For now my fundraising total stands at just over £3,000 all for various mental health charities my friend may not be here anymore but I will continue to fundraise in her memory.

Rip Kirsty



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