Rex marks… not stretch marks !!

I bet your wondering what the hell im on about right? We all know what stretch marks are! But what the hell are Rex marks? Well Let me explain…

Us bigger girls are very unlucky in that most of us suffer the the most unsightly marks on our bodies called stretch marks, fat or thin they can happen to any of us. Where I’ve lost and gained weight over the years I’m one of the unlucky ones to have picked up a few stretch marks along the way. Us pregnant women are blessed with the gift of stretch marks during our baby growing months, Most of mine had actually faded away where I lost some weight just before getting pregnant yay! So one of my first thoughts when getting pregnant was oh shit I’m litlerry going to be one of those women who has these hideous big bright stretch marks all over my tummy!

To my utter surprise I made it all the way to 9 months with very little stretch marks now I don’t know weather that’s because my body has been used to losing and gaining weight but what ever the reason I was (for once) happy with the way I looked and loved my bump shown in the pic below.

After the long old haul of 9 months being with child suddenly I started to get a few stretch marks up my tummy and to tell you I was upset is a huge understatement, I hate my body and always have but being pregnant made me love my body and made me feel proud of who I am. Anyway one night of me sobbing at how much I hate the way I look and dwelling on the nasty stretch marks I showed Mr M and said look at my horrible stretch marks. He had a very quick and witty reply which I remember to this day ( Hence this post) he said… they arnt stretch marks they are Rex marks! Beside making me laugh and cheering me up it dawned on me that hey these marks are here for a reason these are the battle marks women get when growing a baby. I’m having a baby and these marks are nothing compared to the love I’m going to feel for my little one!

Not long after the birth of Rex maybe a week or so when my what used to be bump started to go flat and give me a tummy back I noticed actually that the not very noticeable marks had now become very noticeable and big “sighs” my thoughts about this? Honestly couldn’t give two shits. If that’s what needs to happen for me to have a beautiful baby boy then so be it. There’s so many different creams and oils on the market to try and get rid of stretch marks but why? Firstly I can’t be arsed, secondly I don’t want to waste my money on all these things that might not even work and thirdly it’s my body they just remind me what I’ve been through to become a mummy!

Never be ashamed of your stretch marks because I bet you 9 out of 10 women are sporting them! They are just one of the shitty perks of being pregnant but trust me once you have your baby in your life stupid things like stretch marks don’t matter!

But for me they arnt stretch marks they are Rex marks!



3 thoughts on “Rex marks… not stretch marks !!

  1. Awww Mr M was right!
    That’s such a lovely way to look at them 😊

    I’ve been lucky enough not to have any marks yet but if I did I’d be so proud of them and think of them as reminder of the lovely little home that’s been made for baby 😊

    Love Lozza xo


  2. I’m envious of course! After four children and quite severe edema with my first where I went from 103 pounds to 195….well, you can imagine. I have been told by my doctor that stretch marks are genetic, so if your mother had them, so will you most likely. Best wishes with your new baby!


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