Mummy’s going back to work

I actually cannot believe how quick this has come round. So many people warned me how quick my maternity leave would go and I was just like yeah yeah whatever. Now it’s almost 8 months in and I’m going back to work full time. (Crys hysterically)

It’s no secret that I went back last September because I had stupidly blown all my savings and needed some money. So since last September I’ve been doing the odd shift here and there to make some cash. Gradually doing a few more days here and there to try and ease myself in gently before I do go back full time.

Now the time has finally come and in 2 weeks time I will officially be back into full time work. I’ve had a lot of anixety and sleepless nights over this as my employer recently changed and I genuinely didn’t know if I was going to have a job to go back to. Fear not I do still have a job (thank god) and my anixety about the whole thing has really calmed down. The secret to any success is to PLAN PLAN PLAN. I’ve written endless mock Rotas of what I think I’m going to beable to do, I’ve arranged nursery (crys a little bit more) so we are raring to go!

My “plan” (basically some made up stuff in my head that helps keep me sane) is to work as much as I can to provide for my family whilst also putting them first and being there for them which is what I intend to do. My return to work is in 4 weeks time and how am I managing to keep it all together? PREPERATION! For someone like me who will sit on a problem and panic like fuck about it until I make myself ill so preperation really is key to success. How am I preparing to go back to work let me show you…

— DONT WORRY, I spent weeks really dwelling on the fact I would have to leave my baby to go back to work. I’d stay up late at night crying about it, thinking about really stupid shit like will he forget me? Will he hate me for leaving him? Ofcorse now I know that’s all bullshit and worrying really gets you nowhere.

—PLANNING. It might not work for everyone but for someone like me who freaks out over a change of routine I have to plan everything. From what hours I’m going to be working to who will be looking after Rex and not forgetting to save money to play for child care. Because that shits not cheap! If it helps get a note book, sit down with a cuppa tea and plan, jot things down and make notes and ideas of how you’re going to achieve going back to work trust me it really helps.

—GROW SOME BALLS. This might not apply to everyone. Unfortunately for me I have had to grow a set pretty quickly. I’ve spent my whole working career as a chef bending over backwards to please my employer, doing 12 hour shifts, 7 day weeks and never saying no to anything that is asked of me. All of a sudden I have a little person now that I have to put first. As frightening as it is I’ve had to be firm and say “hey my baby comes first” no more 12 hour days, no more 70 hour weeks. If my boy is porley and I need to go then I’m going. For me that is something I am struggling to put into action because I hate to be “that person” but needs must, my child comes first over any job from now on.

—CHILDCARE. When I got pregnant I never even thought about what I’d do about childcare it’s only this last month really that I’ve had to think about it. I am very lucky that my mum gets quite a bit of time off in her job so that’s 2 days a week sorted already. Yay for mums! I’ve done a lot of research about what childcare options are available to us and we’ve opted for a nursery for Rex 2 days a week and he officially starts in 2 weeks! A little tip for anyone on maternity- start saving up Early for child care because at £60 a day your going to need some savings under your belt.

—TURN NEGATIVES INTO POSITIVES I’ve had a lot of meltdowns over all the issues surrounding going back to work and the only one that has really made me feel ok about it is turning the negatives into positives. If like me you feel guilty for going back to work then then that into a positive. We as mums go back to work to earn money to support our family and to pay for all the days out, birthday and Christmas presents if we didn’t have work we wouldn’t have all that.

And that really is my guide to preparing for work. There really is no guide book on what to do and when you choose to go back. I just beg any mum who is reading this not to feel guilty or sad about returning to work. Turn that negative into a positive and go and be a working mum!



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