Lock down!!

Hi there. We’ve not spoken in a while. I’d really love to say that’s because I’ve Been busy but we all know that’s not true! What the fuck happend form writing my last post till now? The world is basically ending and us mums still have to keep our shit together and pretend that life is a funfair.

Who knew 2020 was going to be the year people went bonkers over loo roll! Thank fuck for all the spare socks we have! Hahah I’m joking!!! Or am I? That’s a story for another day for the moment I’m wiping my arse on all the dried pasta that’s left on the shelves. *eye rolls* fuckers don’t even leave me any lasagna sheets to do the deed of darkness.Seriously though If you are a loo roll stock piling wanker please leave some for the rest of us my arse is like sandpaper and I’m running out of lasagne sheets.

Well as you can see my first week back at work went to shit. You really couldn’t write it. I must have missed the memo on my calendar about this sodding virus. In all seriousness this shit is scary!! We’ve gone from hearaing about some virus in China to basically having our country locked down and only being allowed out for essientials. Thousands of people are dying and many more are ill it’s all we hear about in the news all day every day. I really hope we as a country and heck the world can get through this together as one.

So what’s up? Well for those who don’t know my gramp sadly passed away 3 weeks ago. I won’t say to much about it as I know my Nan is a pretty private person. Sadly his funeral was on Monday. The day before lockdown. It’s sucked big fat peanuts! The service and wake were cancelled due to this twatting virus, so all we had was the cremation then we had to leave an go home. My heart broke for him. BUT we are giving him a proper send off once all this crap has buggered off.

Great grampy reg. the last photo we ever have of him ❤️

So yeah my start to the week couldn’t really have got much worse. Something inside me knew that we would be in lockdown so I rushed into the pound shop to buy some bits and peices to do like colouring books garden games and stuff. The the dreaded news came. NEVER did I even imagine we would be living in a world where we are only allowed out for 1 walk a day. People doing their shopping with masks and gloves on and staying 2 meters apart from everyone. None of us being able to see our families or even being able to buy the basic shopping we need. All the hotels and pubs closed down and us all off work for god knows how long. It’s scary and this will deffo be going down in the history books.

I’d like to say I’ve enjoyed being at home but that would be a big fat lie. I’m bored shitless, Rex is bored of being sat at home with me and I have litte crys daily wondering how long this is going to go on for. If that wasn’t enough Rex is porley. He’s got a cough and cold and an infection in his eye which has cleared up pretty quickly.

Finally after a week Mr M finally got the news that he’s going to be off till the near future to. Which I’m so glad about finally I have someone to talk to!! Up until now it’s just been me and good old TikTok getting me through the day. Oh you haven’t seen my videos have you? Haha below are some of the things we’ve been getting up to

Me and Rex have had some garden fun today. His first time out in the garden and ofcorse all he wanted to play with was the stones and the weeds. Who needs toys when you have weeds!! Our priority is now sorting out the garden so we can enjoy some family time out there.

And really that’s all I’ve got to say about this situation. I hope you guys are all having fun and staying safe!



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