Smear test- a follow up.

I’ve been debating weather I should could or would write this blog post for a couple of days now. After some thinking I decided I need to be honest about what’s going on otherwise my whole message trying to get women to go for their smear will be worth nothing.

So here goes… 2 days ago I had my letter back of the results from my smear test. And as you can guess it’s not really what I wanted to hear. I infact have the HPV virus. My heart sunk reading that I was positive for HPV. Il be honest I didn’t really know what it was but being positive for it can’t be a good thing so I absolutly cried my eyes out and compleatly broke down thinking all manner of bad things.

So after a lot of googling and speaking to some friends who know what they are talking about I learnt that it’s a virus that most women can get and for most women it goes away on its own but for the minority it can turn into cancer. And there’s basically nothing they can do except book me in for another test in 12 months time to see weather it’s decided to fuck off or weather it’s gotten worse and wil need treatment. 12 months!! A whole year of wondering if it’s gotten worse. And I’m supposed to just forget about it till next October. I won’t lie I’ve cried a lot this last few days. It’s not until you become a mother when things like this really make you shit your pants, plus with other things going on I really just needed a good cry.

And yes I can hear a lot of you probably shouting it could be worse and yeah ofcorse it could be I’m not denying there’s a hella lot of People going through much harder times and I bet there’s even a lot of women who I know who’ve had the same result but I’m not going to sit here and ask for people to feel sorry for me. The aim of this blog is to make women go and get a smear test.

So where I’m at now is still shitting bricks wondering what’s going on but Trying my best not to let my anixety keep thinking about it. the most important thing is that I attended my smear and got this nipped in the bud. That’s how smear tests can save lives ladies. So I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again PLEASE go and get your smear test done. If you are frightned or anxious or just don’t really fancy getting yah fanny out then let me come and hold your hand because I can guarantee you’d rather get your snatch out for 2 minuets than hear bad news.

So to end this post i would really love to hear from anybody who’s had the same result as me. How did it turn out? Is there anything I need to know? Do you need someone to talk about it? Please drop me a message because I’d love to hear from you even if it’s just for a friendly chat. We’ve all got to stick together during tough times let’s help eachother feel a little less alone.

Love you all.



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