Period pads. My review.

So a while ago I was approached by a company who make reusable Period pads called Trade To Aid and asked if I could review their product. So we teamed up and in true The Z word fashion I will be trying out and reviewing the product.

Before we get into the nitty gritty I’d like to just give you all some information on trade to aid what they do and what they stand for.

Trade To Aid make eco friendly washable period pads that are made from recycled plastic and for every single pack sold they donate one pack to women and girls in refugee camps. How bloody awesome is that!

Any other profits are used on menstrual education programmes in West Africa. They are improving awareness of what periods are, and eliminating the taboo and stigma which is absolutely something I am on board with and believe we need to make a change.

Now who’s ready for some facts? We love a good fact on this blog. Can you believe in her life time just one women can go through 10,000-15,000 pads ! Which you guessed it ends up in landfill which ain’t ideal to say the least. On top of that did you know how many years it takes to break down all those sanitary towels in landfill? ITS A BLOODY LOT! (Excuse the pun) so how can we help? Well unless you have the ability to spontaneously stop bleeding every month then why not give reusable pads a try? You litlery have nothing to lose and ALOT to save if you make the switch.

Ive got to admit I’ve always been very sceptical about things like this as I’ve been an avid sanitary towel user since the good old days when I first started my periods many moons ago. But when Trade to Aid contacted me and asked to team up I just had to say yes. So I’d like to invite you to come on this journey with me and find out what reusable period pads are really like.

Above is the beautiful box I revived in the post. It includes 6 pads plus a wash bag and all the instructions you need to get started. The whole set costs £29.97

*Disclaimer: The box of pads were gifted to me by Trade To Aid.*

I should probabley start by saying this blog post very nearly didn’t happen because I convinced myself I was pregnant this month but hey ho it was not meant to be so in between crying into a box of chocolates and dealing with the party going on in my pants this week I’m going to tell you my truth about washable period pads!

In true Zoe fashion I was not prepared for this event and came on my period whilst out shopping today. Ready as ever I had to dash home to sort myself out to then remember i had the new trade to aid towels to try!! Forgive me but I must be the only women alive to get excited by reusable period pads! LOL. So on first inspection what’s the thoughts?

Actually bloody comfortable! Feels like I’ve got a pillow in my pants. They are so easy to apply done up with poppers, soft and luxurious I’m actually very impressed. The big test will be the over nighter. Will they hold up during the most critical time for any women who’s enduring the challenge of life that is menstruation? Tune in tomorrow morning to find out if it’s a thumbs up or a washing the sheets kind of day.

Some 12 hours later and my first night using the pads. The period police really put a knife in my back this month didn’t they! You could sink a ship with what’s in my pants right now. BUT the good news is no leakage!! So the pads are clearly doing their job. Off to work I plod feeling pretty smug but it’s not until later on in the day I suddenly realise fiddlesticks I’ve forgotton to bring the pads and the little bag to put them in with me. DOH! So I’m litlerry scuttering around all day trying not to bleed to death in my all singing all dancing period pads.

Anyway after managing to make it home without bleeding through my entire bottom half garments I wip it off throw it in the little bag and straight in the washing machine. I’m not really sure what I was expecting wash wise as we all know period seepage doesn’t really do wonders for our pants but to my suprise they washed up so well. They looked brand new! I’m actually very impressed. And I’ve got to say I think I may be converted.

So what have I learnt the last few days? Well you defiantly don’t need to spend a fortune on resuable pads. You don’t have to use the one time use jobbies just because that’s what’s society expects us to do. Do a good deed and invest in some Trade To Aid pads and keep on muddling through that time of the month but do it a better way whilst helping women and children all around the world to end period poverty.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this amazing prouduct then please go to the website and contact Trade To Aid directly they are lovely people and will be happy to answer any questions.

I have included a link to the website below.

Reusable Sanitary Pads

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