Reduced movment in pregnancy, advice and what to do.

I woke up this morning after a really rubbish nights sleep suddenly thinking oh crap I didn’t feel the baby move yesterday then I realised I hadn’t felt him move the day before either. I didn’t really know what to do at 24 weeks I’m still relatively early to be feeling a lot of movement. I got dressed and went to work but it was playing at the back of my mind all day I even tried jiggling my tummy to try and get him to move but nothing.

Not wanting to waste any doctors time i thought I would wait a bit longer. by 2pm i still couldn’t feel anything after some advice from a friend who is also pregnant i called my local midwife team who really quickly got me an appointment at the local hospital. I got seen really quickly and the midwife couldn’t of been any more nice and reassuring after i kept apologising for wasting her time she assured me i was wasting nobody’s time. so i had the usual blood pressure and urine sample which were both normal. next was a Doppler to find baby’s heartbeat, after a minuet or so we heard the heartbeat loud and clear and so strong. I’ve never been so relieved in my whole life, my baby boy is safe!!

The midwife said the possible cause for not feeling any kicks is the placenta could be at the front preventing the baby from kicking my stomach. The midwife couldn’t have reassured me anymore and said even if in 24 hours i am still worrying to come back.

So for any pregnant women reading this and finding themselves in a similar situation please never hesitate to call you doctor midwife or even 111 because 99 times out of 100 it will be noting but its better to get it checked!

Here is some useful information about baby movements

-Most women usually begin to feel their baby move between 16-24 weeks of pregnancy

-There is no set number of normal movements your baby will have their own pattern of movements.

-Always call your doctor midwife or phone 111 for advice if you notice reduced movement.

-Do not use any hand held monitors Doppler’s or phone apps to check your baby’s heartbeat. Even if you detect a heartbeat this does not mean your baby is well.

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