Reduced movement. what to do if it happens to you.

I am finally home from a long not so nice day and I’d like to tell you all about it. I’ve not been sleeping very well lately with one thing or another playing on my mind, mostly thinking about my brother but secondly I am over obsessing with a couple of little problems I’m having […]

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Glucose intolorence test

I sit here in the doctors waiting room writing this piece because here I am yet again in for another appointment, this time I have the absolute pleasure of enduring a glucose intolerance test. If you don’t know what that is it’s a a test the nurse does to determine wether or not you have […]

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Fatty boom boom

Hey fatty boom boom! (Me talking to myself again.)Goodness gracious me my flabby bits seem to be multiplying quicker than a rat up a drain pipe. I mean I knew what I was getting my self into and let’s not beat about the bush I wasn’t exactly some sexy super model before getting myself into […]

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We made it. The 21 week scan! I think every milestone for a pregnant woman is somewhat a relief and an achievement because unfortunately as we all know things can go wrong at absolutely any stage. But we’re here safe and excited to see baby on the scan again today. For those who don’t know […]


Baby Wipe Armageddon

Is there such a thing as to many baby wipes? any mum will say the same… absolutely not! now I know I’m not a mum yet officially 1 day late now ! but I have been very cleverly stocking up on baby wipes nappies and those glamorous banana boat maternity pads I told you about […]

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Fat Feet

I’m sitting here with a cuppa tea devouring a punnet of grapes trying to think what I can write my next blog post about?! I don’t have anything in particular to write about this week except for what’s been happening in the world of Zoe being pregnant. Let me start with what the title suggests… […]

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Baby showers and Bump paintings!

Its that time of my pregnancy to start getting ready for the inevitable… but first there’s one important thing that needs to be done. P-A-R-T-Y! I’m not talking going out on the town getting smashed and throwing up in a kebab shop at 3am. I’m talking about friends games, lots of baby talk and food! […]

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Paper Pants not included!

so… The time has come, shits about to get real and I have to pack my hospital bag! it only seems like yesterday I was peeing on a little stick, and now I’m only 3 weeks away from due date! I’ve been putting off even thinking about the birth, time in hospital and packing my bag. […]

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Anixety Antics and Worry Warts

Sodding anxiety!!! always turns up when you least expect it and really don’t want it! I don’t like to say I’m a sufferer of anxiety because I believe we all have anxiety during stressful and demanding times of our lives and why wouldn’t we? Its perfectly normal to stress and worry. Except for me the […]

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