Before you ask yes I’m still pregnant! now 5 days (almost 6) overdue. Every night I go to bed praying tonight will be the night it happens. So far no luck! To carry on from my last post after my very glamorous fingering from the nurse  (proper term Stretch and sweep) I’m very disappointed to report nothing has happened and baby is living it up inside my tummy.

The night of the stretch and sweep I did have quite a lot of pain in my VJJ and to be honest all week I’ve had stretching feelings going on down there so I’m wondering weather I’m actually dilated more than I was on Monday, whatever’s going on something is 100% moving down there! To add to all the vagina drama I’ve noticed something quite unsavoury about my boobies… they have started leaking! So far this is the only thing that has really freaked me out! I can deal with leakage in the underpants area as that’s just part of being a woman, never before have I seen something coming out of my boobs! and to be honest it made me feel a bit sick when I first noticed it! Yes I know its only natural before anyone try’s to make me feel bad, but when it first happened I was like woahhhhhhhhh.

So far all people are saying to me is “get a good curry inside you” or “have lots of sex” with the deepest respect and love I just want to tell people to fuck off! its funny to start with but its really starting to wear thin now! I have my own methods of trying to get this baby moving these include lots of walks which I’ve really enjoyed, I’ve attempted to cut the jungle that is my back garden, I’ve been into town (on the bus) much to most peoples disgust and generally been active doing housework and washing. I’ve been told by Mr M that I need to hold on until Monday because he wants to play football on Sunday haha!

The good news is I’m not worrying or feeling anxious about anything at the moment which has come as a nice surprise to me! I’ve made peace with the fact its going to hurt getting this baby out and I’ve made peace with the fact I’m going to be in hospital where I usually feel my most anxious. We couldn’t be more prepared for little man to arrive! hospital bags are packed and ready to grab in an emergency, the cot and baby monitor is set up, I’ve tried out the bottle steriliser and we are ready to rock and roll!

So for now I’m doing my thing going about my daily antics waiting for the gush of the waters breaking, unless I go into labour by Tuesday the plan is for me to have another procedure to try and get him going, I’m not hopeful that it will work, I’m not looking forward to another fingering to be honest but needs must I suppose. It cant be any worse then pushing a watermelon out of my snatch now can it! You are past your eviction date now little man!



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