Winter nasties and snot monkeys

My little Rex has had a hard few weeks bless him. As these cold winter months hit us like a train we as parents are going to experience the dreaded colds and illness!!

Hopefully this post can help you mums and dads deal with the winter nasties.

A lot of babies including Rex suffer with Unknown constipation. The pour wee soul can go days and days without pushing one out. You can see how uncomfortable he is by screming and pushing his legs up and down, you can see him straining trying to get that massive poo out but nothing happens. I’ve been told that cold boiled water should help this situation. Me being me didn’t listen to advice and just marched him straight down the Doctors. So confirmation from the doctor that yes Rex needs a really big shite, we come away with some medicine to help make him go.

To be taken twice a day untill he finally dumps his load, taken by syringe which as you can imagine Rex absolutly loves. (Not!!) when you’ve got a sick baby who needs medicine you suddenly turn into some kind of sniper ready for battle, as soon as that mouth opens it’s GO GO GO!! There’s no greater feeling that the accomplishment of smugly getting that medicine in your baby’s mouth without them spitting it out.

Sometimes it can start as diarrhoea in the doctors words ” it builds up behind the solid poo and comes through the sides” glorious!! Believe me you know about it when it finally comes! Wrap up the furnature and Jet wash at the ready!!

Rex is now on his 3rd Cold of his short life so far. There isn’t really any remedies for colds for babies except calpol and lots of snuggles. Just be prepared to be showered in snot and coughed and sneezed on like a rabid dog! Rex is getting pretty impressive with his snot bubbles! He’s aquired the name “snot monkey” at the moment. It’s flowing out of him like lava!

The winter nasties are are in full swing this year so batten down your hatches and stock up on calpol you’re in for a bumpy ride!!



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