Pregnancy really is a gift and one of the most amazing times in your life. But I’m not one to sugar coat things and let me be honest things aren’t going so swell for me at the moment.

Let’s start as we mean to go on. Life fucking sucks today, and yesterday for that matter. I’m swelling up like a balloon. It all started with my little digits. My fingers turned into fat sausages almost overnight. All my rings have had to come off whilst I could actually still get them off. They are sore uncomfortable swollen and hot.

Moving on… if fat fingers wernt annoying enough I’ve now been blessed with swollen feet. Hot swollen sore feet and wearing crocs at work really isn’t helping the situation, moving down the body there’s something very bizzare going on with my legs. I can’t quite decide if they are swollen or just fat but whatever they are it’s irritating as shit.

So as you can imagine life is just “swell” in every sence of the word. But we power through with a smile and wait for the next body part to swell up. tiredness has really truley kicked in. 8 months in and I could literally sleep all day and night no problem, the usual aches and pains of the bump back and bum has reared up. Christ even my fanny is hurting now, god only knows what that’s all about! It feels like I’m carrying a bowling ball around.

On top of being “swell” things have just been abit mentally challenging quite recently with one thing or another which makes things abit poo. Appointment with the perinatal mental health team pending, I hope they are gental with me! Sleep has been intresting. I must wake up 10 times a night for a piss maternity leave is soon going to come round fast until then I’m just trying to grab as much sleep and rest as humanly possible before baby arrives and makes me even more knackered.



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