26 weeks with a bun in the oven

So I’ve made it to 26 weeks pregnant! woohoo!! 2 weeks away from being 7 months pregnant, time is just flying it only seems yesterday I was sat in my bathroom holding that test watching the second line appear! So I thought id do a little update on my pregnancy! I would say I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy during the first 12 weeks I did have pretty bad nausea in the evenings I found that eating grapes made the sickness feeling go away so for weeks I just scoffed punnets and punnets of grapes! Ice cold drinks also seemed to help, I’m a big diet coke drinker anyway but I couldn’t stop drinking ice cold diet coke.

I am quite a paranoid person in general I feel like I’m prone to bad luck so it was always my fear that something would happen early on I was scared to do things like bend down and sleep on my front. Every time I went to the toilet I would check I didn’t have any bleeding I still do this even now! Luckily iv not had a single bit of bleeding throughout the whole pregnancy ( Touch wood ) During the first month or so of my pregnancy I did experience panic attacks almost every night when getting into bed it dawned on me that my life was about to change forever and I had no idea how to look after a baby. luckily that passed on its own.

All my scans have been completely normal and I am told the baby is healthy and growing nicely, there is nothing in the whole world that beats seeing your baby up on the screen in the scanning room. Apart from my issues with the healthy life style clinic in my past blog post everything has been tickety boo!

Fast forward to 26 weeks and my bump is growing nicely not as big as I thought I would be by now which is quite nice because I was worried I would just balloon! Baby is moving so much now mostly when I am lead in bed at night or in the bath. Just lately it feels like I’ve got a bowling ball in my stomach oh and nobody ever warns you about the constant peeing! trust me it isn’t a myth I’m up and down like a yoyo all night long. Tonight whilst in the bath I put an empty coke can on my tummy and watched as he moved and kicked and it was just magical! I’m so in love with him already. The doubts of being a good parent are starting to kick in but I just keep telling myself I can only do my best.

The most exciting thing is … HE HAS A NAME!! yes we have managed to narrow our list down to one name its a name both me and Mr M love its quite unusual but I just know this is the right name for my son. His name is being kept under wraps until he decides to make an appearance.

only 14 weeks till due date!



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