The truth about pregnancy…

When I started this blog I promised myself I would be 100% honest otherwise what’s the point? well this post is about to get very honest and reveal the truth and potentially funny side of pregnancy others don’t get to see…

During pregnancy everyone comments about how you “Glow” and are at your most beautiful. Which I guess is kinda true in some aspects I am starting to enjoy my little bump get bigger and feeling my little man kick and move around and I must admit my skin feels amazing!
But… people only see what they want to see, us pregnant ladies know very different and I’m not talking about the tiredness or morning sickness I’m talking about the most outrageous constipation for days on end where you just think if I don’t poo soon I’m going to explode! sitting on the toilet thinking if I push any harder will my baby just drop out ?! followed by the complete opposite of so desperately needing to go that you almost shit yourself in isle 3 of Sainsbury’s which coincidently happened to me today (I didn’t shit myself) it was bloody close thou, very quick dash across the store to customer toilets and everything was ok. How glamorous!

Pregnant ladies Did you know that as the baby grows your body naturally pushes all your internal organs up into the chest to make room for the little one? We don’t need to be told this bit of information we can feel it. Oh yes baby loves to use my bladder as a pillow funnily enough during the night when I’m trying to get my beauty sleep (trust me its desperately needed) baby decides bouncing up and down on mums bladder sounds really fun. My current record of how many times I get up to pee during the night currently stands at 7 I am confident I can beat this in the coming months.
I think one of the best bits of being pregnant is no periods! yay to us not having to worry about buying our monthly things and the fuss and hassle of dealing with periods. WAIT.. don’t get to excited yet ladies just because we don’t have periods doesn’t mean we are out of action down below for the next 9 months its the moment of realisation when you go to the loo and think why the hell are my pants wet that you know you haven’t got out of sanitary product usage just yet! Its completely normal and natural to have some leakage during the most glamorous time of your life. The art of aiming without peeing all over your own hand is a skill we learn very quickly when visiting the midwife and having to provide a wee sample every time we go. WHO designed those tiny pots we get given to take a piss in, clearly not a woman (sorry men) but we are sick and tired of peeing on our own hand trying to get the pot in the right position to catch what little wee we can actually do and then trying to dry the paper label that’s been stuck on the pot panicking that the midwife will think we have missed and peed all over the sticker. Keep your head held high ladies and get through this nitty gritty because soon you will have the most magical gift ever.
So the next time someone tells me I’m positively glowing in my head I’m just congratulating myself on not shitting myself today. You have to take these things in your stride and laugh when possible because I just know there is more embarrassing things to come when I give birth. In all seriousness every embarrassing moment and uncomfortable feeling is worth it knowing I am growing my very own little human and knowing I am going to be a mum soon.
its everything I ever wanted and even if I did poo myself in Sainsbury’s today I’m pregnant nobody can judge me!



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