Fun in Mum’s tum

You are cordially invited to a party
At- Mums tum
Time- As soon as Mum try’s to sleep
RSVP- Bump


Sometimes I wonder what is actually going on inside that tummy of mine, some nights it feels like baby is having an illegal rave with all his mates in there! Other nights it feels like he’s in training for the London marathon               ( That’s my boy!!)

Whatever he’s up to in there he’s having a dam good time and I don’t blame him wouldn’t you?… warm and snug inside mums tum growing slowly into a little lad ready to see the world very soon… 12 weeks and counting! Round about now I’m beginning to see my stomach actually move around almost like he’s having a little boogie, if I sit my phone or a coke can on my tummy when I’m laying down it moves. As soon as I try to get a video of the momentous occasion thou the little bugger decides NOPE I am having none of this and he stops. I think I’ve got a stubborn one on my hands here!

Poor old dad has yet to feel his little one jiggle around, he sits for ages with his hands on my tum waiting for the party to start but obviously dad doesn’t have an invitation to the party! Even after laying next to bump chatting away to his son he still gets nothing. I think dad needs to remember this in 18 years time when his son wants a lift to some party!

The party started up again the other day during a routine midwife appointment whilst the midwife put the Doppler on my tummy to hear baby’s heartbeat he decided he didn’t like this and the midwife was definitely an uninvited guest to his party because he did 2 almighty kicks at the midwife telling her to go away and leave me alone. amazingly I managed to finally get this on video! yay

I have found some tricks to get kicks … Hot bath… the second I get in the bath off he goes doing his thing. Another great way to get some moves is drink an ice cold drink… he really shows how he can move when I drink and ice cold drink I can imagine him in there breaking out into the YMCA like an absolute lad! To be honest thou most of the time I don’t have to encourage him to move because 99% of the time now he knows when mum is ready to go to sleep. That’s his que to get the lads round and crank up the party.

I’ve found a few facts online about baby movements in the womb so id I thought id share them …

-Did you know at 9 weeks pregnant a baby can hiccup. who knew! (I’m not surprised to be honest after all that partying he’s doing!)

– At 12 weeks pregnant the baby can yawn and stretch all that growing must be a tiring business!

-At 15 weeks they can suck their thumbs of apparently their preferred hand so if you are lucky to see this in the scan you can determine weather they are right or left handed.

– Amazingly a baby sleeps for up to 40 minuets every hour whilst inside the womb! Trust me it doesn’t feel like it!

Feeling baby move is honestly one of the most weird strange and amazing things all rolled into one realising there’s actually a little person inside me is so weird and honestly I’m a little jealous of all the fun he’s having. So whatever my baby is up to inside my tum I’m sure he is having a great time and he’s entitled to after all its his house! not for long thou…

see you soon little party animal, try to keep the noise down when mum wants to sleep.




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