Milk and two sugars

It would seem rather rude of me to make a blog and not do a post about the other love of my life wouldn’t it? Right now  I’m wondering how I’m going to fill a few paragraphs of writing about my main addiction I suppose you could call it. That’s right I’m talking about the good old English cup of tea! who doesn’t love a hot brew first thing in the morning? I’ve been drinking tea for years and years and I have no plans to give up anytime soon.

Firstly I need to admit I’ve already told a little white lie. I don’t have 2 sugars in my tea as my title states I just thought it sounded more catchy in the title! Must have worked because you have read this far… My reason for wanting to write a post about tea is because its played a kind of biggish role during my pregnancy. Who needs cravings when you crave tea every day anyway?

Even before getting pregnant I had decided to stop being so hard-core and I switched to decaf part time mainly to help with my sleep issues and I do admit it did work ( I think)
As I’m one of those people who reads up EVERYTHING you should and shouldn’t do when growing a baby I read that caffeine can harm the unborn baby so I decided to switch to decaf full time apart from the odd cheeky cup of normal tea. So when my friends are out sipping cocktails in a cocktail bar I’m at home sipping my deaf tea. so rock and roll!!

I am really not a fan of these fancy pants fruit and flavoured teas. ITS NOT TEA! and it never tastes like it says on the packet. But in my first few months when I had the dreaded nausea constantly I was recommended peppermint tea to help. So off I popped and bought a box. First cup made me want to throw up, second cup wasn’t much better but it did actually help the nausea . How I couldn’t tell you but I went with it. Out of a whole box I only ever drank about 4 cups so that was £2.99 down the pan. The only real benefit I get from it is every time I open my teabag cupboard it fills my kitchen with an amazing minty smell. Who needs to buy a posh air freshener when you have peppermint teabags, and before you judge me yes I do have a whole cupboard just for teabags! judge me if you may!!

so finally my last discovery about my favourite hot drink is it makes me pee like a bloody racehorse, As I’ve said in previous posts I must wake up on average 7-8 times a night to go to the loo and its doing my head in!!! Now my usual routine is I come home from work about 9:30pm I run a bath and I ALWAYS take a cup of tea in the bath with me, its my little treat to myself before bed ( I do realise how sad that makes me sound) The whole sleep situation and peeing during the night really needs addressing so I made the really difficult decision to not have my bath time cup of tea, Literally so much harder than it sounds! I’ve given up smoking twice and that was a walk in the park compared to cutting down on tea! Anyway last night was my first night on the tea wagon and I’m happy to report I only had to get up during the night 4 times!! So much improvement from 8! I woke up today feeling so refreshed so tonight is trial night 2 with no bath time tea!

I got this! only 12 hours and counting until I can have a cup of tea!



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