Preparing to push

So I’m coming up to 32 weeks in a few days which means only 8 weeks until littleun is due to arrive. I’ve always been shit scared of the thought of giving birth but when I actually got pregnant to be honest it was the last thing on my mind, like all mothers I just wanted my baby to be healthy. Even up until this point I’ve not given labour and the birth a second thought, I know he has to come out  somehow there’s no getting away from that fact.

So here I am almost in my 8th month of pregnancy feeling pretty positive because although I do have a nice little bump I’m not actually humongous (YET) which means pushing him out should be a walk in the park right? honestly I have no idea! I’ve heard so many birth stories from friends and watched things on TV but I guess everybody is different. The majority of women probably have a whole plan of what they want and how its going to happen. me? I’m doing what ever the hell my body tells me to do at the time and hope for the best.

I’m trying to start with the little things such as what to pack in my hospital bag, who knows because nobody actually tells you these things, do I take my own nappies and wipes? is it frowned Upton to pack a cheeky bottle of strawberry and lime cider that I’ve been craving the whole 9 months? I guess I need to do my research on the hospital bag saga! oh and just for the record I am actually joking about the bottle of cider… maybe 😉

Currently my birth plan consists of a piece of paper saying ” I haven’t a fucking clue” And it couldn’t be more accurate right now, I mean how can we make a plan of something that can happen so many different ways and either take 40 hours or 15 minuets? There as so many different options for births nowadays, homebirths are getting more and more popular if I’m honest I couldn’t think of anything worse! I like my furniture and carpets they way they are  the thought of trying to clean up placenta from my freshly shampooed carpets makes me feel a bit queasy so that is clearly a no go area for me!

Something that terrifies me even more is the dreaded water birth! The thought of sitting in a lukewarm pool trying to push the miracle of life out of my vagina when I actually poo myself and end up avoiding the floating crap for the remainder of my labour! My knowledge on labour and giving birth is so sparse I’ve done zero research and I don’t really plan on doing much, all I know is I plan on having no plan with the exception id like an epidural and just hopefully end up going with the traditional legs up in the air screaming like a dying cat.

so the answer of how to prepare for birth I cant honestly tell you! but I’m sure once I’ve had the experience I can tell you all the things I would have done differently, whatever kind of birth I have as long as my baby boy arrives into the world safely that’s all that matters to me.



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