Its pretty obvious that our bodies are going to change throughout pregnancy you’d have to be an idiot to think everything will stay the same. So I thought id put together a little something for pregnant ladies or future pregnant ladies to read and to get prepared for.

Welcome ladies to the biggest change of your life! one of the most glorious magical and daunting times of your life, but don’t worry you are going to boss this! So grab a cuppa see what’s in store for your changing body. Don’t panic we don’t suddenly balloon into a giant tomato the second we get pregnant… (not much anyway) I can totally appreciate every woman is different so some of my experiences may apply to you and some may not, whatever the case carry on being pregnant and beautiful! here is my list of body changes so far Enjoy!

Bean bag boobs-
That’s right its not a typo and I’m not trying to be over dramatic here but holy shit have my boobs, breasts, tits whatever you like to call them my god they have about tripled in size and hang there like 2 massive bean bags! They weigh a ton and although not sore or painful they don’t half get in the bloody way especially trying to sleep I half expect to suffocate myself during the night some nights they feel that heavy! My only hope is once my body starts to recover from the birth that they will eventually kind of go back to normal fingers crossed!

Invisible bellybutton –
So I made it to about month 7ish months of being preggers and all of a sudden I looked down and my bellybutton had vanished! Seriously its gone… quite understandably there’s a lot going on in my tummy and as it grows and gets harder its somehow getting smaller and smaller much to Mr M’s disgust as he has this really strange habit of always sticking his finger in my bellybutton or a nose pocket as he likes to call it(Don’t ask!) So say goodbye to your bellybutton for a few months ladies.

Tree trunk legs and bingo wings-
Remarkably to my absolute delight I haven’t actually put on as much weight as I thought, a stone and half so far which isn’t bad. BUT… the places I have put on some timber is my thighs, fucking hell the tops of my legs are like tree trunks! seriously I’m not kidding I’m surprised I don’t start a fire just walking to work some days.  I’ve never really had chunky arms before but the pregnancy gods must hate me because currently the tops of my arms look like an 80 year old woman’s who’s been down the bingo waving her arms around in delight at winning the jackpot. I know I won the jackpot getting pregnant but I’m certainly not waving my arms around at the moment in fear of taking out anybody standing near me!

Pissing your pants-
I debated weather or not to add this in because its a bit gross but I wouldn’t be doing my job as a pregnancy blogger if I wasn’t honest with my readers. As I’ve said in a previous post before don’t get to comfortable thinking you don’t need sanitary wear for 9 months because if anything I’ve used more since being pregnant! That’s right ladies prepare to piss your pants! as you grow and baby gets bigger he/she pushes against your bladder and without warning or without anything we can do about it we shall I say “Leak” constantly. Its very inconvenient so make sure you stock up on towels ladies I wouldn’t advise using a tampon whilst pregnant!

so there you have it my top 4 things to expect when you are expecting, enjoy every second wear your bean bag boobs with confidence and piss yourself with pride 🙂



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