Am i really pregnant?

What a stupid question… Am I really pregnant? A belly the size of the moon and waddling round like a retarded duck kind of gives it away really!  But every now and again I actually forget that I am pregnant. I realise how dumb this sounds but bare with me I have good reasoning!

Rewind back to September 2017…

I decided I was ready to become a mum and thought we’d give it a shot at trying and see what happened. We did all the obvious things like consult my doctor just because some of the medication I’m on and we had the green light from the doc so that was all good news. Of Corse I had to download all the relevant apps for trying for a baby, tracking periods etc.
I raided my local co-op for pregnancy tests and ovulation sticks and away we went!

The first month I really had no idea what I was doing i just had sex and hoped for the best! not realising there’s actually one week per month you can get pregnant. So of Corse the first month I had a negative test. That’s when I realised I had to do some research on how this all works because clearly having sex wasn’t enough. By this time all my apps were up and running and telling me what I should be doing and when so I thought YAY! I’ve got this…
month number 2 and a second negative test. After many months of trying I can confirm the legs up in the air trick after sex doesn’t actually work its a myth ladies!

Anyway to cut a long story short I had 12 months of tears tantrums and negative pregnancy tests. just to be clear I am fully aware a lot of couples try for a hell of a lot longer and have had a much worse time than I have and I totally get how heart-breaking that is for those people. But that doesn’t take away the pain I was going through and I eventually learnt that it was ok to be sad and disappointed. UNTILL October 2018 when my period was a few days late but this had happened before so didn’t really think anything of it. Until a few days later when I thought id do a test and got my BFP ( big fat positive)

And for this reason alone is why sometimes I still think am I really pregnant? because after all the months of trying and failing can it be that I got lucky and it finally happened to me?  YES IT BLOODY DID!!! I’m pregnant, I’m fat and I’m the most luckiest girl in the world!!
even though sometimes I do actually forget I’m carrying life inside me, then I get a little kick to remind me that he’s in there.

So for the odd occasion when I forget I’m pregnant the moment I realise wow I’m actually having a baby is like finding out I’m pregnant for the first time all over again!

Am I really pregnant? yes I am … 7 WEEKS TO GO !!



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