Fat Feet

I’m sitting here with a cuppa tea devouring a punnet of grapes trying to think what I can write my next blog post about?! I don’t have anything in particular to write about this week except for what’s been happening in the world of Zoe being pregnant. Let me start with what the title suggests… Fat feet.. that’s right my feet are grossly getting fatter and fatter and red! I’m walking around like the jolly green giant has stepped in a bucket of beetroot! It doesn’t help that fact that I wear crocks at work and let me tell you my feet don’t half sweat in them buggers especially this time of year!

But…… I am very happy to announce tomorrow (technically) is my last day before I leave for 7ish months maternity! YAY! I say yay but in reality I’m not actually ready to leave work, I’ve worked all my life and the thought of not working terrifies me! I’m the kind of person who gets bored just on one day off so if I’m sat around waiting for this baby to pop out of my vagina for 4 weeks I’m going to go stir crazy! So the plan is I’m going to do a few extra days next week just to keep me busy. And if I go into labour at work then the work colleagues will just have to think fast and get the towels ready!  

So me being me and worried about the boredom I’ve started a list of things I can do whilst I wait for the little dude to make his appearance, so far I’ve got… Jigsaw puzzles. Now I cant remember the last time I actually did a jigsaw I feel like you either need to be 5 or retirement age to do a jigsaw, but I’m willing to give anything a go to keep me busy. Searching on amazon for things to do and I came across paint by number ( for adults) on a canvas. I love doing arty things! I’ve picked a really pretty picture that looks like its going to take a long time to do. Now I’m no Neil Buchanan from Art Attack but I’m gonna give it a bloody good go. My very lovely mother in law has also bought me a big puzzle book I love doing a good Sudoku!

No dramas this week the pregnancy gods have been kind to me, apart from one very long drawn out trip up to oxford hospital to see my consultant, as always we had to leave over an hour early which meant sitting around for ages whilst dying for a wee as I wasn’t allowed to go until I got in so they could test it. Dont even get me started on the “specimen toilets” in the hospital, no word of a lie there’s a little hatch in the toilets where a woman just sits waiting for ladies to come in and take a piss so they can test it, Fancy having that job! So anyway I did that, had my blood pressure taken and my weight ( don’t ask!!!) then saw the consultant for literary 2 min who asked how I am feeling and that was it! all the way to oxford for that! you can imagine how thrilled I was at wasting half a day just for that.

So as it stands its now just a waiting game, the housework is all up to date the washing is all done and baby’s cot is all set up and ready, there’s just 1 job left on my list which is rather important, the dreaded shaving legs and fanny *eye rolls* I really don’t know how I’m going to attack this problem but I’m sure I will let you all know how I get on. For the next few days I’m just going to do my last few days at work chill out and rest my fat feet. See you all soon!



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