Baby showers and Bump paintings!

Its that time of my pregnancy to start getting ready for the inevitable… but first there’s one important thing that needs to be done. P-A-R-T-Y! I’m not talking going out on the town getting smashed and throwing up in a kebab shop at 3am. I’m talking about friends games, lots of baby talk and food!

So I’m very lucky to have lots of special friends and family in my life who all put a lot of effort into throwing me a really nice baby shower and I cant thank them all enough ( you know who you are) So once we had a guest list I was officially left out of the planning which was strange for me a I like to have a hand in everything! As the venue was my place of work I was in charge of the food. what I do best! you cant go wrong with a classic buffet of sausage rolls quiche and scotch eggs can you?
Very kindly my friend and the head chef made me an amazing baby shower cake which I loved and it tasted great! And I also had some delisious cupcakes made by a special friend.
So id heard about bump painting before and thought it was slightly strange but now I’m pregnant I want to experience everything so I managed to find this lady on Facebook who paints pregnant ladies bumps! so I thought why the hell not? So a few hours before the shower she came along to my house and painted me up. For anyone who knows me i have a slight obsession with micky mouse! I have so many baby grows, clothes ,and toys for my baby all in micky mouse! so you guessed it… i just had to have micky mouse painted on my bump! The woman was so experienced she painted it all freehand and even added some glitter just for that extra little touch. and i absolutely loved it! you can see the photo at the end of this blog post.

After being branded on my belly with micky mouse i got ready and headed down to the party with all my friends and family waiting to see that the room had been very cleverly decorated with blue micky mouse decorations! I absolutely loved it! we chatted and done a quiz then attacked the buffet and just generally talked babies and labour and had lots of photos taken. i had a great time catching up with some old friends.

I didn’t actually realise until I got home how many presents we had been given for the baby! my living room currently looks like Toys R Us! A see of gift bags and presents covered my floor we had everything from clothes to bath products to nappies and even a Pandora charm! Totally spoilt and so grateful to each and every person who came and gave us gifts!
a Special thank you goes out to my Mum, Mel, Harriet, Haley, Charlotte and Rhys for all the time effort and money put into the afternoon.

After sorting through all the pressies I finally got round to putting everything away in its own place and putting all baby’s new clothes away in drawers leaving his cot free and ready for his long awaited arrival! everything feels so real now!

3 weeks and counting…



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