Baby Wipe Armageddon

Is there such a thing as to many baby wipes? any mum will say the same… absolutely not! now I know I’m not a mum yet officially 1 day late now ! but I have been very cleverly stocking up on baby wipes nappies and those glamorous banana boat maternity pads I told you about in a previous post. I believe I may have wiped out most of my local shops buying up all their baby wipes. Now I cant do any reviews on them yet as I haven’t had chance to use them except for one cheeky packet I opened to clean the bathroom. I can confirm they are very handy for cleaning the sink and toilet!

I’m not normally the organised type but since I found out I had a baby on board I decided I better start being organised and stocking up on things I need a lot of, every time I go shopping I chuck a couple of packets of wipes in my trolley, I counted 55 packets of wipes the other day and I’ve been and bought more since so we are doing pretty well, that might sound a bit excessive but just think how many you go through especially with a little new born!

So where do I buy them? I’ve done a bit of shopping around to find the best deals and I think I’ve found possibly the best… Aldi! now I got recommended Aldi baby wipes by quite a few people and they are actually the cheapest around, the standard pack of wipes starts at 59p per pack of wipes what a bargain! or you can buy a box of 6 packs of wipes for £2.89 you cant go wrong really can you? just recently they have bought out a mega box of 12 packs of wipes for £5.99

Aswell as Aldi I make regular trips to my local poundstretcher where you can pick up packs of huggies wipes for only 59p this is also the best shop to buy the huge maternity pads that’s needed after giving birth. You can pick up a pack of 10 pads for only £1 (shown in the picture ) I fill a basket every time I go as I’ve heard you need plenty ! Poundstretcher is also really good for picking up all the little baby Essentials such as bath products cotton buds ect. I can’t really give you any prices or tips on what to buy because we’ve been bought so many bath products by people we haven’t actually needed to buy anything yet which is really handy!

Let’s move onto nappies… once again I have been recommended good old Aldi to buy nappies so ofcorse I’d be stupid to not give them a try. You can pick up a small packet of 22 nappies newborn size for 89p and a packet of 44 nappies for £1.49 that’s 3.3p per nappy! As long as they do their job correctly you cannot argue with the price of that !! We’ve also been given some free samples of pampers and the own brand from Lidl’s to try. Once baby M is here and I’m ready I will be doing honest reviews of all the products we have to try and make things easier for any mums to be who are not sure what to buy. For now I shall just sit and wait and keep stocking up!



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