Cake for breakfast!


That’s right if you haven’t had chance to read my last blog post or manage to avoid everything I post on social media you won’t know that I’ve officially finished work and am on maternity leave! Now I was feeling a bit down whilst writing my last post since then I’ve spent the weekend trying to pick myself back up and get back on track.

Day 1 of maternity- all fucks have totally gone out the window now, would I even be enjoying maternity if I didn’t wake up and have some French fancies for breakfast? I don’t know about you but I only really like the chocolate ones so of course I scoffed 3 of these with my morning cuppa because why the hell not? It beats a boring old bowl of cornflakes any day!

Its all about keeping busy, I’ve literary got everyone whining at me that I need to rest but I just cant!  Sitting around doing nothing is the worst possible thing I can do for many reasons, so I’ve been making plans every day and this seems to be keeping my mind busy, I’m not exactly out running marathons or anything! I’ve met friends for lunch I’ve been down to work to see them all, as well as doing some painting! I bought this huge painting by numbers canvas its absolutely huge and I’ve spent hours painting it its really been a life saver!

Today I decided to make a lemon meringue pie as its one of my favourite desserts but something I’ve never actually made! I’ve just finished my first slice and it was absolutely sexual!

Anyway back to the pregnancy stuff, 4 days until due date and absolutely no sign of little man arriving anytime soon, ive always said I think he will be late. I had a check up with my midwife yesterday and she said his head is down and ready, the plan is I have a midwife appointment at the hospital next week then if he still hasn’t arrived by the end of next week I will have an appointment to be induced the following week, which I really don’t want to happen I want to experience going into labour naturally but hey ho theres not much I can do about it. For now I’m trying to enjoy being off work and pottering about doing different things whilst at the same time praying my waters don’t break whilst out in public or on my nice new bed !!



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