The Pregnancy Blues

As it’s coming up to 1 year since I found out I was pregnant after month on month trying and failing to get pregnant thinking it would never happen and after spending 9 months actually being pregnant I now have the pregnancy blues… that’s right I actually miss being a fat fat fatty waddling around like a constipated duck growing my own tiny human. Sounds stupid right? Who would actually miss the sickness the aches and pains and the constant need to pee! Don’t even get me started on random people coming up to me and touching my tummy!

Of corse the weirdo that I am I do actually miss being pregnant! It was one hell of a experience and even during the tough times, the times I thought I couldn’t go on feeling so rubbish, I look back now wondering what a fuss i made! That feeling of getting the positive pregnancy test hands shaking not knowing what to do or who to tell. I remember thinking holy shit it actually worked! The hubbys swimmers finally found their way up the right way! Still to this day I have the pregnancy test I took that morning.

The test the day I found out I was pregnant💕

There’s nothing more comforting than knowing you are growing a little human, I loved going to all the scans and appointments with my lovely midwife! I loved watching my bump grow week by week …

I am about 4 weeks pregnant here ⬆️⬆️⬆️

(Take note of how good I looked compared to the saggy bag I’m left with)

I always had visions I would balloon during my pregnancy yah know just like violet Beauregard from Charlie and the chocolate factory. I was pleasantly supprised to have quite a neat little (big) bump and I didn’t really put as much weight on as I thought I would .

My growing bump! ⬆️

By the time my due date came around I was sporting a very round Christmas pudding bump! And despite the pains and struggles to get around towards the end there was no better feeling than feeling my little man kick inside my tummy. That’s where our bond really started I would often balance a can of Coke on my stomach and watch it move around as he was moving inside me playing him Ed sheeren regularly And I loved the way Mr M would sit and talk to my bump. I knew then what a fantastic dad he was going to be!

Daddy talking to baby 💕⬆️

My 9 months growing baby Rex seemed to fly by I still can’t believe it all actually happend it seems like one big dream that I’ve woken up from. Now I’m left with a saggy whoopee cushion belly, big boobies and stretch marks but you know what I wouldn’t change it for the world he was worth every pain and every yucky thing I’m left with after being pregnant.

All in all pregnancy was an awesome experience and yes I do miss it which strangely already has me broody for my next baby! I must be mad!!



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