Mummy matters

Being a mum is the best job in the whole entire world and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it! At the same time it’s gruelling it’s tough and I don’t know about other mums but I forget I even exist sometimes. I forget to eat drink and even go to the toilet. That’s mad right? The 3 basic things that keep me alive and I forget to do them!

I wake up in the morning wondering will I have time to eat today? Will I beable to take a poo in peace? I barely drink one glass of water a day and my dinner is almost always cold when I get to eat it. My morning wee is an afternoon piss and my hair Doesn’t get washed or brushed in days. Some days I don’t even get dressed or brush my teeth all the while Rex is getting everything he wants and needs which is how it should be. He comes first and always will.

Now things are getting slightly easier with Rex and by slightly easier I mean sometimes he lets me finish my breakfast and drink my tea and if I’m really lucky I can nip for a wee whithout him screaming the house down because I’ve left the room. Since things have calmed down I’ve realised that I need to look after myself more. I realised that mummy matters to!

So how do I look after myself? Well… I rush to finish my breakfast even if he’s crying I just eat fast but I make sure I finish it and let him cry for a couple of mins. You soon learn to eat quick once you have a baby believe me! I make sure I always get dressed because there’s nowt worse for your mental health than bumming around in your pjs all day espically when the post man comes a knocking or you get visators, nobody needs to see those free flowing braless boobs!

When Rex isn’t crying shitting or feeding I spend most of the day taking cute photos of him, emptying the nappy bin, filling the steriliser, preparing tea and making up the next bottle. The banging headache I usually get early evening tells me i haven’t drank enough that day so that’s when I down cans of Diet Coke and cups of tea. This is when I usually stuff myself with chocolate biscuits and cake (hence the weight gain) because I actually have time to eat without being disturbed.

Now that we’ve established a bedtime routine that starts at 9pm by getting Rex in his pjs, making up a bottle then taking him upstairs to feed him and get him to sleep it’s usually 10pm by the time I’m free to do what I want! Which is usually tidying up and doing the dishes. But I’ve started treating myself to a nice hot bubble bath. Yes you read that right I said “treating” because believe me a bath these days is a treat, and an uninterrupted bath is like winning the lottery!

For any new mums reading this make sure you make time for YOU. Even if it’s a bubble bath or nice hot shower, brush your hair and get dressed that day, eat your breakfast without feeling guilty that the baby is screaming and piss like you have all the time in the world because believe me if you don’t look after yourself it makes things so much harder.

Don’t forget… MUMMY MATTERS!!



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