Fat girls run to!

That’s right… us fattys can run and we can do it just as good as anybody else, trust me I should know after 3 half marathons 1 10k and a 3 mile Santa fun run. That’s right I’m a chubster and I run! Most people would probabley look at me and laugh when I say I’ve ran 3 half marathons, I know I would if I was them.

My running story started quite a few years ago now, I’ve never ever been skinny or “in shape” I’ve always had massive wobbly thighs and a big belly. But dam do I give it my all when I run! Back in the day when I actually cared what other people thought of me I would hide away embarrassed to be seen excersising and only ever run at night in the dark so nobody could see me and laugh! Even during my first half marathon that I did up in Edinburgh most of the way round I had to force myself from crying my eyes out scared that people in the crowd were laughing at the fat girl jogging like mr blobby along the course.

BUT … I soon started to notice that the crowd were not laughing at me in actual fact they were cheering me on high fiving me and encouraging me. That’s when I realised that in this really crappy world we live in there are some decent people. After getting back home and when I carried on running I grew some big running balls and started to run in the daylight! And you know what? I ran down the side of the road by all the passing cars headphones in giving it my all not giving a shit what anybody thought of me! Untill this one time I was so distracted by my music I lost my footing and ended up falling in the main road where a car had to quickly go round me! Luckily I escaped with only a badly scrapped knee!


Eventually as I started to lose weight running got a bit easier and I started to get quicker and more confident running further and further each time along my favourite route down the main road towards Cheltenham ( I do run on the path) on my last half marathon which was October 2018 I managed a record! I ran the first 10 miles without stopping and I’ve never been prouder of myself to be honest I ran like my life depended on it, music in my ears head focused on the job in hand I just went for it! Eventually I lost just over a stone and I felt and looked amazing.

Me after losing weight just before getting pregnant.

Currently about a stone and a half later after having a child I’m not over what I was before I started losing weight last year and feeling pretty crappy about the way I look. The good news is now I’m healed and mentally up for the challenge this fat girl is going to start running again!! And I couldn’t be more excited I’ve got my music playlist ready to go trainers by the door all I need now is my confidence back and to remember that people may laugh at the fat girl running but they won’t beat me down and stop me doing it.

This is my motivation picture

Every step and every breath is a start in the right direction, I may be a slow poke again to start with by my god will I work hard and get back into what I love doing.


FAT GIRLS CAN RUN TO! So lace up and get them miles in girls



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