Happy birthday The Z Word!!!

Yes that’s right! My blog is officially celebrating its 6 month birthday! My god hasn’t that just flown by? It only seems yesterday I was sat infront of my laptop wondering what the hell I was going to write about, now look a fully fledged pregnancy and motherhood blog that I couldn’t be prouder of!

If you are only just joining me now then welcome! It’s not to late to catch up on all the fun and frolics that’s been happening for the past 6 months of my life, so sit back relax grab a slice of imaginary birthday cake and let me recap on all the wonderful goings on!

I suppose I should start at the very beginning… well not quite as my blog wasn’t created until I was 6 months pregnant, why you ask? I basically had a lightbulb moment where I wanted to document what being pregnant was really like and to try and help other women in my situation. I don’t believe in regrets but I do wish I had started it from day 1 of being pregnant but hey ho here we are 6 months later god knows how many blog posts, tears , tantrums, depression and my finest moment of almost shitting myself in the middle of Sainsbury’s but we will get to that later!! So join me in celebrating all that’s good in life, but beware I’m open, honest and somewhat cringy !!

So here we go … I want to start with the elephant in the room you know the serious topics like mental health and then we can move on to the fun stuff! If you’d like to know how I managed my mental health during pregnancy and some important tips for you to try then give my managing mental health during pregnancy blog a read.⬇️


Now for the fun stuff, when I mean fun i mean funny.. to cut a long story short here’s my post about how I almost shit myself in the middle of Sainsbury’s, it’s called the truth about pregnancy read all about it here ⬇️ hopefully you have a good giggle


What could be worse than almost pooing in a supermarket I hear you ask? Pregnant women face many struggles, let me ask you this have you tried the almighty task of trying to shave your legs whilst sporting a mahoosive baby bump? No? Find out what happens when you do here ⬇️


Let me ask you this… have you ever heard of the pregnancy card? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t it’s something I kind of made up to get me out of doing things whilst pregnant! Who would want to do things they really don’t have to? This is a must read for any pregnant ladies wanting an easy life at home whilst growing a mini person.


The time eventually came for me when I had to start thinking about the dreaded labour! Doom doom doom… find out how I was preparing to push here⬇️


Fancy a laugh? If you don’t know already the changes a pregnant women goes through I really suggest reading this next post… find out what it’s like having bean bag boobs and how to piss yourself with pride!


This next post speaks for its self… fun in mums tum.


Fast forward a few weeks finally on maternity leave and past my due date I was offered a stretch and sweep. AKA a Monday morning fisting trying to get this baby out! If you fancy knowing what a stretch and sweep is all about then I’ve written it all down in this post for you!


FINALLY!! 16 days overdue and I finally give birth! The most magical and horrendous 20 odd hours of my life! This post takes me straight back to the delivery room memory’s flood back and give me a little tear, I will say If you are reading this and currently expecting then I have put a warning on the post to not read if you feel it might frighten you! This is labour my story…


There’s not much I can say about recovering from a birth except my fanny had felt like it had been hit by a truck it’s all in this post ….


Now I wouldn’t be a very good blogger if I didn’t tell you the nitty gritty bits and the truth about parenthood it’s hardships and it’s happy moments. It’s like one massive rollercoaster ride that you can’t get off. If you fancy knowing the truth about parenthood then this post is a must.


I’m not really sure why it took me so long to write a post about the main man himself. Little Rex! I guess I needed to get to know him before I could introduce him to everybody. The title says it all really … ALL ABOUT REX


And last but certainly not least, my latest blog post called “mum life” find out what it’s really like being a mum and what we get up to all day.


Unfortunately only my favourite blog posts made the cut for this, please feel free to go and check out the others that are hiding away dying to be read by some pregnant ladies/mums who need inspiring as much as I did.

And there we have it! 6 months of putting my life thoughts and feelings into words for the world to read. Glad i did it? Hell yeah! Am I going to continue? You bet I am! There’s something about blogging I’ve really come to love, blogging has changed me as a person, I used to be very reserved in what I told people, embarrassed even! until the point I realised that we are all human and we are all going through the same things and how can we ever get better or improve things if we don’t speak about them? If I inspire one pregnant lady to put her hands up and say she feels the same way I do then my job is done!

Thankyou to every single one of my readers because without you I wouldn’t have a platform to speak my mind tell some home truths and have a good old giggle at some of the silly things that we all go through every single day. I love every single one of you!

Here’s to the next 6 months !



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