Up and out

Something you really take for granted when you have a baby is the ability to just go out whenever you like and be places on time! Me being quite the punctual person that I am hates being late for things something I’m really struggling with at the moment.

Pre baby those were the days when you could have a day off do what the fuck you liked all day, eat when you want, shower when you want and watch that box set you’ve been dying to see without being interrupted. should you decide you want to go out you just grabbed yah handbag and off you went. Oh how things change once you have a little one in tow! Now it’s have I got enough nappy’s? Have I packed the milk? How many changes of clothes do I have? Is he due a poo? And so on. Bag packed baby ready oh wait he needs feeding and a nappy change. This is my life I swear I’ve never been on time for anything since having a baby and it drives my anxiety crazy!

Rewind back a few weeks ago when we had to get the bus. 10 min before we need to leave and Rex decides he’s hungry. FML we are going to miss the bus! So I get as much milk down him as I can sprint to the bus stop and finish feeding him at the bloody bus stop! Baby’s actually run your life for you! Countless times I’ve had to do an emergency nappy change in the street! Not actually on the pavement that’s frowned upon!!

The whole lateness is a big no no for me I can’t stand being late because quite simply it fucks me off when people are late for things when they have no good reason. To date we’ve only had one early morning appointment we had to be at and that was registering Rex’s name. And guess what ? We were late! I’m going to let myself off for that one because Rex was only a week old and we clearly had no idea what we were doing.

The reason I am writing this post is because yes you guessed it we have to be up and out and down the doctors surgery by 9:10am tomorrow! 9.10!!! The bets are in and the odds are 10/1 that we will actually make that appointment on time . I’m usually still hanging out in my pants at this time in the morning trying to get my first cup of tea down me before Rex needs feeding and now suddenly we have to be dressed fed changed and out by the latest 8:30. Will we do it? Stay tuned to find out!

The key is all in the preparation… the changing bag is packed, pram ready and bottles ready to feed him before we leave. The good thing about being on maternity leave is you can just bum about all day and do things at your own pace you don’t really have to be anywhere unless you get invited out and then it’s like a millatery operation which usually involves the saying “I will be there once Rex is ready.” So for the next few months I’m going to enjoy not having to be many places on time because when the time comes I go back to work we are going to struggle to be up and out on time every morning!!



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