Is breast best?

I’m a little late on this one because Rex is almost 4 months old, in these 4 months I’ve been umming and arring observing and deciding is breast best?

I’m ashamed to admit i used to be anti Breast feeding. Mainly because I was uneducated about the whole situation. I was one of those who would snigger and be disgusted at women who wacked their tits out in public to feed the baby, I don’t want to see that! Similarly I hated the thought of Breast feeding, the thought of a baby sucking on my nipples made me feel sick. The week before I gave birth when my boobs spontaionsly started leaking without prior permission I cried and cried freaking out at the fact something was coming out of my boobs!!

Before I get stoned to death by all the breast feeding fanatics bear with! I specifically told the midwives in hospital I DID NOT want to breast feed. And what did the mother fuckers do once my baby was born? put him straight on my breast to feed! I was so unbelievably fuming for all of 2 minutes. To be honest I was so mentally drained tired and had no idea what was going on around me I let them hold him on me to feed. Once up in recovery they politely asked me this time if I’d like to give it a go. As they asked so nicely (yes I’m being sarcastic) I thought I’d give it a go. So they plonked him on my nipple and away we went!

Rex was happy, I mean who wouldn’t be? He’s snuggled into a big boobie pillow getting fed. The second he started feeding this time it felt totally natural and something I never thought I would experience, I would go as far as to say I was very proud of myself for breast feeding my son.

I breast fed Rex about 4-5 times, in the end it got to difficult he wouldn’t latch on and it stressed us both out and there’s no chance in hell I would have ever whacked my tits out in public so we decided to go onto formula. Something that has suited us both well.

Let’s weigh up the benifits of breast vs bottle! Let’s start with what Mother Nature blessed us with. Boobies! Obviously the biggest benifit to breast feeding is baby is getting your milk, probabley the purest thing available to them. Full of goodness and nutrients they need. Then there’s the bond between mum and baby whilst feeding. The bonus about breast milk is ITS FREE!!

Formula obsiviously isn’t on par with breast milk but it’s as close as you could get filled with all nutrients and vitamins baby needs to grow up big and strong! I don’t understand why some people are so against formula it’s been used for donkeys years. I was formula fed and there’s nout wrong with me! The problem with formula is it can get expensive espically as baby gets older. Depending on brand it’s between £8-£10 a tub. We are currently on 2 tubs a week so it can get costly!! The benifit of bottle feeding is dad can get involved and feed baby and have his bonding time.

So the age old question…. is breast best?

Truthfully? No it’s not. Neither is formula! What’s best is what ever works for the individual and for baby. There’s no wrong or right way to feed your baby and anybody who judges or makes any mum feel guilty for the way they feed their baby is quite simply a twat.

Happy feeding !!



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