Probabley every parents worst nightmare summed up in one word…. teefs!

Jesus wept who would of thought some little white teeth would turn our house upside down and inside out. Poor Rex don’t know weather he’s coming or going.

It all started a few months ago when the race to be the first tooth out really begun and up popped the 2 bottom front teeth running over the finish line donning their medal proud to be the first out. Me personally didn’t notice much pain or discomfort upon arrival of these first two teeth. I’m sure Rex however has a diffrent story to tell.

The bongela and calpol is always to hand should anymore teeth get close to popping up. Unfortunately we had a quite a few dry months where they went a bit shy and nothing really surfaced. But I can happily tell you there is movement with his top two front teeth. Holy moly are they giants! They look like rabbit teeth my poor boy is really struggling at night time with the pain he needs lots of cuddles and calpol.

As we all know along with teething comes a sore bum. Who the heck made that rule up? Sore bums call for lots of cream lathering it on like your icing a cake is the way to go. Also I found a bit of no nappy time helps. I mean what could go wrong? Well my carpets only been pissed on twice but what’s that compared to my boy having a fresh bum!

So when do we need to start brushing? As it so happens I have a friend (Natalie) who is coinsidiently a dental nurse. Hey Nat 👋🏻 so what is Natalie’s advice on how to deal with Those new teeth…

As soon as baby’s start to cut teeth you should be brushing them with a tiny smear of toothpaste preferably milk teeth by aqua fresh as baby tooth paste contains much less flouride than adult toothpaste. They probably won’t let you do much but it’s best to start early so that the child gets used to the feeling of their teeth being brushed.

When is the best time to take your child to the dentist for the first time?

Start taking them when they get teeth come through- the earlier you can start taking them the better it is for the child to acclimatise and get used to the dental environment – also good to try and see the same dentist so they won’t be so scared. Most dentists will just let you bring them along to your own appointment without making a specific appointment for them (but should confirm with your own practice before)
Not much will be achieved in first few visits just surroundings, sights and smells

My top tip for getting your baby used to a tooth brush is give it them to play with. Let them feel and explore it so not to be scared. My boy has developed a bit of a weird obsession with his. He thinks it’s some kind of toy. Clearly my method works because he loves having his teeth brushed and try’s to snatch the brush off me to do it himself.

Happy brushing!!



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