Managing mental health during a national emergency.

I never thought I’d have to write a post about something like this. Is it even real? Because it sure as hell feels like we are in some stephen king Novel and not in the middle of a national emergency with the country shut down and us needing permission to fart let alone even step outside our front doors. I think I speak for everyone when I say how scary and frightening this whole situation is, if I didn’t have mental health issues before then I sure as hell have now!

I’ve been walking on egg shells with my brain for a while now as I’m sure a lot of you have to. The good days are dwindling less and less whilst the bad days continue to drag on using and abusing me. The constant talk, news articals and posts on social media is mentally damaging, as I understand it is important we know what’s going on it does well to have a social media break. But the constant upkeep of it being in my face is draining the soul out of me and really making my mental health plummet to new lows. I’m having days where I can’t get out of bed, my body just aches with the overwhelming feeling of what’s the fucking point in being alive. I’ve had that feeling a lot but now I’ve got a baby to care for it’s very frightening. So I know then something has to be done. First thing is talk about how I’m feeling, I rang the doctor and got my medication dose increased which is also helping me sleep. But most importantly I’m finding things to get out of bed in the morning for, making lists and plans and I’d like to share some with you.

So what’s the best way to manage our mental health during this unprecedented time? I’ve put together a few little bits usuful and silly, funny and just plain stupid. Let’s start with something that’d actually be usuful.

Basically GET THE FUCK DRESSED in the morning. How depressing is it sitting around in your pjs all day? Brush your hair, clean your teeth and hell even put some make up on if it makes you feel good about yourself. Get some god dam routine in the morning. Because I can tell you now it makes you feel a hell of a lot worse sitting in your pants all day crying into an empty crisp packet. I sat around in my pyjamas for days crying into a cold cup of tea feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders until I actually made the effort to get ready in the mornings. Make an effort even put your best clothes on if it makes you feel better, look forward to the day ahead.

Ever fancied trying something new? Now is a good time as any. Running or skipping heck put a pineapple on your head and see how far you can walk without it falling off. Show of hands please If your one of those fuckers Hoarding the toilet roll then this is your time to shine! the possibilities are endless! Toilet roll bowling? How big a tower can you make? The worlds largest game of loo roll Jenga perhaps? Why not donate a roll to every house in the neighbourhood? Don’t forget to leave a roll you wipe your own ass on though!

Beating the brain blues can be tough so Give yourself a challenge. Bake that cake you’ve fancied Making, take up a new hobby order some craft materials online and get going. If you really want to be a daredevil try cutting your own hair? Dying it a crazy colour even? Why the hell not? This is a time for living life who gives 2 shits what anybody else thinks. Clear out those kitchen cupboards you’ve been meaning to do forever, deep clean the bathroom ! just find a reason to get up and get going.

The main thing I find difficult when I’m feeling like I’m at the bottom of the gutter is excersise. The thought of it makes me feel sick, it makes my body ache and my brain close down. I’ve spent weeks making excuses, Crying because I feel like a failure when the fact is All I need is a good old stroll in the fresh air, even a early evening run just as the sun is setting. ANYTHING to take my mind off this shitty world we are living in. If you really feel that crap even just a walk down the end of the garden and back. Pretend you’ve got a pet, take the imaginary dog to the end of the road and back. GET YOUR ARSE OUT.

Look after your mental health because if that starts to go now then we’re absolutley fucked. We need all our marbles to get through this right horse shitter of a time and I promise together we will.



2 thoughts on “Managing mental health during a national emergency.

  1. Ugh I have been in pajamas all day…shower…get in new pajamas. LOL I REALLY planned for walks this week but it’s been raining since Sunday! Great advice and I’m 100% on board with you!


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