This years holiday wasn’t really what we’d planned for obsivious reasons! But we’re going away so that’s all that mattered. After 2 long months back at work and on the verge of a mental and physical breakdown I really needed this break away.

So bags packed and car full to bursting off we set for Weymouth 2020! We barely made it out of Swindon when 3 fully grown dears ran out infront of the car and almost sent us plumimiting into the side of the road. Rex was an absolute dream on the way down espically as we got caught in traffic and ended up adding an extra hour onto our journey which resulted in me having an emergency stop in a lay by for a very big wee that I couldn’t hold in any longer. Sorry for anyone who had to witness me squatting in the bushes! Honestly since having Rex I’ve got a bladder the size of a teabag. Anyway wee finshed quick shake and off we went.

My parents beat us down by about 20 minutes. I guess they have better bladders than me! We couldn’t check in until a bit later so we had a stroll into Weymouth had a quick nosy around the shops then headed for the beach!! To small to remember last years holiday Rex was absolutly loving the sand! Maybe a bit to much as he shoveld handfuls of the stuff in his gob. *eye rolls* only my child! Anyway he had an absolute blast! He dived head first into the sea he dug holes and played to his hearts content. And ofcorse my mum spoiled him to any bucket and spade and toys he wanted so he was well away!

Digging with daddy
In the sea

So after playing on the beach we went to check into our room. I’ve stayed in lots of premier inns before all over the country and never had a problem. Who puts a family with a baby up 4 flights of stairs when there’s no lift? Yes you can imagine the fun we had lifting the buggy up and down every day. The room was fine Rex had a travel cot which was basic and we had a big double bed. We’d been there less then 5 minuets when Rex threw the Tv remote down the loo so I just knew this was going to be a great start to the holiday.

That night we ate in the hotel pub witch again was fine I had my absolute favourite Cesar salad. Rex somehow found his voice and started saying “HIYA” over and over again getting louder and louder so the whole place could hear. He had us in hysterics. I slept like absolute shit that night due to my ongoing lower back pain whenever I lay down so I was so tried the following day. Breakfast was an absolute farse mine was stone cold I suspect the chef probabley gobbed in my fresh breakfast after I kicked up a drink a small sent it back. Again we didn’t really do much except go round the shops and hit the beach. Rex had a lovely big nap on the beach so I had a chance to just chill out and sunbathe and not have to worry about chasing after him. Then me and mum went for a stroll to our favourite cake shop which we always visit when in Weymouth. We stayed on the beach for quite a few hours and I even managed a very refreshing swim in the sea. Then we headed back to get bathed and try to de-sand ourselves. Once again we walked back into Weymouth for some drum roll…..

FISH AND CHIPS ON THE SEAFRONT. Did you even go on holiday if you didn’t have fish n chips? Besides trying to dodge the begging seagulls it was absolutely lovely. Another fond favourite for me is the arcades! So me and mum went in and had some fun on the 2p machines whilst the men waited outside. Then it was time to go home and get ready for going home tomorrow.

We walked about 8 miles in total that day I couldn’t wait to get into that bed. Monday morning came so we packed up the car and drive into weymouth for some ice cream before we headed home. And that my friends is my write up of our very short family holiday this year. I wash it could have been longer but unfortunately that was not possible. We had a blast this weekend and that’s all that mattered.

Until next year 👋🏻👋🏻



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