Blueberry Bum.

Kids are just hillarious aren’t they? I mean they just enjoy the most simplest things in life. Like playing with a hairbrush or playing peekaboo for the 90th time that day. Running round with a bowl on Their head or waving a spatula about. Life is there to be enjoyed when you are that wee and my don’t they make the most of it? Unfortunately Along the way comes some bumps bruises and scrapes.

The tale of the blueberry bum is something that dismayed me to begin with. Horrified me even. Who knew that could turn into spontaneous laughter every time I think of the blueberry bum!! I know what you must be thinking. What the heck is a blueberry bum? No I haven’t gone mad not yet anyway!

Right so the situation at the moment is as I am back to work and the hubby is still furloughed he has become a stay at home dad. And he’s doing a marvellous job if I do say so myself. ( not counting the sheer devistation I endure when I see the mess Theve made after a long day at work) but hey if they are having fun then I don’t mind a little bit of tidying up when I get home.

Anyway so today I was missing my baby boy terribly so I asked for a picture from the hub. Not surprisingly he was butt naked letting it all hang out. Hey what ever makes him happy!! But as I looked closer I could see this mark on his bum. I was like how the fuck has he got a bruise that size on his bum?! I was angered and worried it was very purple and looked very sore! Challenging hubby to find out what the heck was going on I was in absolute hysterics at the reply to the message!!

Alas the blueberry bum was born! I think I laughed for about half an hour after that message it proper tickled me!!

Anyway a while later I thought we better get the boy clean so we had a bath but the blueberry wasn’t washing off. Holy shit false alarm! it really is a bruise!! I feel terrible I can only think he’s maybe sat on something or fallen down on his little peachy little ass and bruised the poor wee thing. I think it’s bothering me more than it is him! To be honest I don’t think he’s even noticed it.

Anyway I just had to tell this story because it really did make me chuckle today. I’m sure you all have some stories to tell of love to hear them just drop them below in the comments box.

Thanks guys!



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