Bed time nightmare

Well hello there! How are we all? It’s been a while hasn’t it!! I know I’ve been slacking recently and not keeping my blog updated but I’ve got good reasons! I’ve basically been so unbelievabley busy sat on my arse doing absolutly nothing! Yeah that’s right lockdown is so mentally draining isn’t it. I know you feel it to and if all you’ve done today is get dressed then I applaud you because it’s probabley more than what I’ve done today.

So what’s been happening? It only seems yesterday we had Christmas then BAM it’s now nearly March and we’re all just looking at eachother like wtf is happening. So not much has happend in the Bear household we’re all plodding along trying to keep busy and raise a crazy child. That’s right my child is growing and turning into a mini devil.

This particular story starts a few weeks back when Rex was napping away beautifully when all of a sudden he comes running into my room and I’m like WTF how did you get out of your cot. Then I realised that day had come where he has finally learnt how to climb out!! Video attached for below as evidence ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Panic stations kicked in and a quick dash to Argos was inevitable to go get all the basics to keep a child in one room.

Stair gate ✔️ cuboard locks ✔️ bed guard✔️

So we had a day of full steam ahead of getting Rexs room child proof. Fixing locks on drawers and doors, erecting that stair gate and spending what felt like forever turning the cot into a bed. Because we were prepared months ago when we bought a cot bed. Basically a cot that when you take the sides off turns into a bed. Hurrah!! All ready and set to go. Rexs room harder to get into than a prison. Off we went to bed! Now I knew his first night in a big boy bed wasn’t going to be easy but HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I was not prepared for the night ahead. The poor wee soul was so confused why there was no longer any sides on his bed he was up then down up then down in and out crying and being silly for what felt 10 years. But finally he dropped off for all of an hour then he was up again. He repeated this over and over all night until we had another mad dash to the shops to go and buy a bed guard which touch wood seems to have settled him.

Sometime 3 weeks later… we wake up to go get Rex from his bed and I swear to god it looked like a rabid fox had got into his room and torn it to bits. That’s right you guessed it! Rex has figured out how to undo the child locks on his drawers and on a daily basis tips all his clothes out onto the floor for no other reason that to make work for mummy. So that’s the next issue we are trying to solve and failing miserably. But hey Ho we will get there in the end.

So I’d love to hear from you guys. How’s your lockdown going? What have the kids been up to? Drop a comment in the comments section and let me know!



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