Snot pot


Can we just take a moment to understand how much snot one child can actually produce. Where the heck is it coming from? I mean they only have teiny tiny noses, yet that snot seems to just keep on coming and coming and coming and before you know it you’re trying to wade your way out of knee deep snotty wet wipes.

If that wasn’t bad enough I’d like a show of hands please of who has caught their child licking the snot from Benith there discusting little noses. No? Well you’re in for a treat, that shit scars you for life and If you thought that wasn’t bad enough who has “accidently on purpose” whilst feeding their snotty child scooped some snot up on the spoon and unintentionally fed it to their child? I mean HOLY MACCARONI did I win the bad parent of the year award for that disaster. *hangs head in shame*

Now if you’ve not had the pleasure of experiencing a snot bubble then you really haven’t lived. I don’t know why snot bubbles make me laugh so much espically the bigguns! Have you ever tried to pop them? Either I’m a massive child or it’s some secret Olympic sport of how big the Bubbles can get then POP!

So we’ve heard all about the “wet snot” as I like to call it. BUT the worst is yet to come hell yeah the dried on snot is a whole diffrent kettle of fish. You try cleaning the nose of a child who’s snot has not only dried on but has actually ingrained in the skin. That shit is impossible to get off!! Unless you jet wash the poor little sod. And even then you can’t get it all off. It just sits there festering away drying out even more like it’s got some kind of vendetta against you. Topped up regularly by more of that wet snot just to add to the difficulty of getting it off.

The house slowely filling with snotty tissues and wet wipes. Snotty clothes to be washed and dirty little noses waiting to be wiped. It’s all in a days work.



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