Ditching the Dummy

For anybody who knows Rex they know he has to have his dummy surgically removed to be without it. Coming up to 3 years old we had to make the hard decision to ditch the dummy.

During pregnancy we decided he was not going to have a dummy because quite frankly I didn’t really like them. Then litlerry days after he was born I was like “GET ME A DUMMY” honestly I don’t know how parents cope with a crying baby when they don’t use a dummy. So Rex pretty much had his from birth. Then around the 6 month mark he sort of wasn’t really bothered with them which I was so happy about which is the time I really should have just thrown them all in the bin because Then for some unknown reason he started Using them again and slowly it got worse and worse and he’d have a dummy in mouth pretty much all day. Which is fine but when your coming up to 3 years old it’s really not a good look. So I was absoultly dreading trying to get him off it.

So I kept telling myself that we would ditch the dummy on my days off after hearing horror stories of children having almighty meltdowns I was not prepared to handle this situation (which is why I kept putting it off for so long)

Then one day we went out on a day trip and forgot to take one. (Whoops) and by the time we’d gotten home he was already asleep and put straight to bed. I actually couldn’t believe this is the longest time he’d ever gone without a dummy shoved in his gob.

The following day he woke and we had breakfast and played and I decided to tidy out his toy box. Rex found a dummy and came running over to me to put it in my hand. To say I was in a state of shock is a understatement. Is this the end of dummy? And from that day forward he has not had a dummy. HORRAY!! Im so so proud of him. We’ve had one little slip up where he managed to find one a few weeks later and got abit upset but other then that it’s all good. HES DITCHED THE DUMMY!!



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