Going potty, Part 1

The dreaded time has come. Yes that’s right potty training! And I’m already going potty! To be honest I really should have started a while ago now. Rex is just over 3 so I do feel abit lazy on my part. Anyhow better late that never right? Stocked up on tiny little pants. Plenty of carpet cleaner and a peppa pig toilet seat I’m ready for battle

So I’ve been putting him in pants on and off for a few hours here and there with luckely no accidents. Constantly asking him do you need a wee wee Rex? And he just looks at me like what the fuck are you on about mum? He’s totally no where near ready for this!!

So today I just thought sod it im going to do this he goes back to pre school in 2 weeks and I’d really like him to be potty trained by then. So on go his little pants and he’s running round happy as Larry. I keep sitting him on the toilet every now and then but nothing. So off we pop carrying on with our day. I’m busy upstairs putting the washing away and I can just hear my husband shout OH NO REX! And I just knew what had happened.

That’s right. SHIT EVERYWHERE. And not just any old shit. Possibly the runniest shit I’ve ever seen in my life and it’s covering my sofa, the carpet and THE LEGO. Oh Jesus wept I never thought I’d see the day where I had to wash human shit off some Lego. But here we are. Anyhow hubby rushes him up to the bath while I deal with the Poopy stained massacre that is my living room. Have you ever tried scrubbing shit off of Lego? Bugger me I think I’d be better off throwing in the bin! My poor poopy carpet is taking a right bettering from this very tiny but very dirty litte child.

I guess tomorro is another day right? Stay tuned for part 2 once we are actually using the toilet.



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