Testing testing 123

Well here’s a post I didn’t think I’d be writing for some time. IM PREGNANT…. Baby number 2 is well and truly baking away in my tummy. And if you’d read my last blog post you’d see how utterly fed up and done in I was of trying so hard and not getting pregnant. But it worked and FINALLY it’s my turn again.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing. 12 months in and the doctors suggested I have some blood tests to check my hormone levels. (Which I ever so coinsidiencly had when I was trying with Rex) anyhow off I popped to get my bloods done and I said to the nurse imagine if the same thing happend like last time and I got pregnant just after having my blood test we laughed it off at how impossible it would be to happen again anyway a couple of days later I had a call from the doctor to say my hormone levels are really low and to come in again in 2 weeks for more tests. Then BAM a week later I’ve got a positive test! Who the hell could have predicted that ?? And…. If that’s not spooky enough the day I found out I was pregnant is the same EXACT day I found out I was pregnant with Rex 4 years ago to the day!

So let me go back 1 week and fill you in on what actually happend. I had my bloods taken a week and a half before my period was due, but I did think to my self that my boobs were sore and that never really happens unless I’m due on so thought nothing more of it. Then I started to feel abit sick and then my boobs really fucking hurt and I thought to myself can it be true? So In true Zoe fashion I spent a week on Tik Tok watching video after video about early testing ect ect and by the end of it I thought fuck it what do I have to lose? Handily I had some cheap tests I had bought on eBay in my drawer plus a couple of decent ones so I thought rather than waste the good ones I’d start off with the cheapies and see what happens. First day I got a solid negative but I knew something still wasn’t right so I tested again the next day, same again. Now the following day which I think was the Wednesday by this point I had a really faint positive. Shit the bed could this actually be true? Questioning how this can happen after what my blood tests had said I questioned myself all day. But I decided to take a proper test the following day and I got a BIG FAT POSITIVE oh my goodness I was not expecting this. How on earth has the same thing happend twice! And I was terrified of telling anybody just incase the million tests I’d taken were all wrong.

But anyway here we are I’m walking around with a little bean growing away in me and nobody knows! Except our parents who we told by a t shirt sported by the one and only Rex pictured below who by the way told us he doesn’t want to be a big brother and he doesn’t want a brother or sister so that’s nice!

So 3 turns into 4 June 2023 and I’m about to bore you all with my blogs about pregnancy for the next 9 months 😊

Much love



2 thoughts on “Testing testing 123

  1. I’m thrilled for you, I follow you on Twitter and have been watching from a far. Congratulations on your wonderful news and I really hope you have a lovely pregnancy. Fingers crossed it might be my turn soon. Xx

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