Sick note

Fuck my actual life… sick note alert!! I have felt sick as a dog since even before I found out I was with child. And the worst part is I can’t tell anyone how rough I feel 😩 honest to god I just wish I was actually being sick so atleast I could feel better after. But instead I just “feel” sick call fucking day and night!

And everything I do makes me feel sick, listening to music, cooking, watching the tely just makes me want to vom my guts up and I don’t know how much longer I can take it for!!

Just to make matters even worse I feel like I’ve been punched in the tits. Jesus wept they hurt!

This ain’t what I signed up for! I’ve never felt anything like it. I’ve even had to ditch watching master chef because the sight of food is unbearable. So you can imagine what going to work is like 😂😂😂 plus I had to take a couple of mornings off work because of it and I NEVER take time off sick. Or atleast I didn’t till all this drama happend I feel like I’ve been off for weeks trying to recover from one thing or another.

Luckely for me the sickness died down around 11-12 weeks THANK GOD that shit was really starting to get me down. BUT I had a lovely little bout of the flu some weeks later which has absolutely floored me! and I’ve had my flu jab! Imagine what it would have been like if I hadn’t. Anyway I just about started to feel normal again when I got hit by the worst chest infection known to man! I’m so glad I lived to tell this tale because it was utterly horrendous. I got home from work one Saturday night of constant coughing sore throat ect ect and I just couldn’t take anymore, I was in tears and gasping for breath after coughing oh god I was in a right old state so I thought I can’t wait till Monday I will ring 111….. 2 hours on hold I finally get through to be told a doctor will call me in 6 hours . 24 hours later and I finally got the call and got on some antibiotics which have really helped me feel better they just haven’t shifted this bastard cough. And where I’ve been coughing so much it actually hurts my tummy where everything is stretching now it’s really made me quite sore which is horrible.

They say it comes in 3s so I’m sure something else will come along once I’m over the chest infection. Just another day being pregnant.



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