I like to move it move it

Here we are at 35 weeks! How on earth has that happend sooooo quickly? I can’t believe I havent done a post about this before !!

But better late then never right? For a long time now my baby has been VERY active. It all started around 16-18 weeks ish (I think) it seems so long ago now, I really should have been on my game and written about it when it was happening but hey ho here we are.

Baby’s first movements are something of nothing really. You can be lead there thinking was that a baby or a fart? That’s really how little they move in the beginning. And so the weeks pass and gradually it’s like WTF is that!!

Tiny little “kicks” or whatever Is going on in there start happening, still very tiny but soon they turn into a full on game of football being played inside your stomach. The NHS guidance do say that there is no set pattern of movement but do keep and eye on what’s happening. Somewhere around the 20 week mark I suddenly stopped feeling baby move which was really odd as she’s usually front and center letting me know who’s boss. I tried jiggling my stomach around to get her to move but nothing. I ended up getting checked and all was fine thankfully.

Anyway moving on. Currently at 35 weeks and this baby loves to boot the absolute shit out of me on a regular basis. and I’m not talking the odd kick here and there I’m talking full on somersaults inside me which at times make me feel rather queezy, seeing your own stomach move about in such a way is very bizzare!! She usually likes to spring into action around bedtime when I’m lead down “trying” to relax, that’s when her acrobatics really take shape and I’m lead trying not to wince at being booted senseless.

The worst part about this little lady kicking the crap out of me is 9 times out of 10 right in my bladder making me need a piss every 20 seconds. which you can imagine is great fun even more so at bedtime when I need to roll my fat self out of bed a million times during the night.

So I’ve been told by the midwife she’s head down. (Poor girl) which means her legs are just waving around happily kicking me in the ribs which she rather enjoys doing. It’s amazing really to think that in 5 weeks she will hopefully If not late like her brother be here for real kicking her legs around. Because she don’t half like to move it move it!



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