Bed time nightmare

Well hello there! How are we all? It’s been a while hasn’t it!! I know I’ve been slacking recently and not keeping my blog updated but I’ve got good reasons! I’ve basically been so unbelievabley busy sat on my arse doing absolutly nothing! Yeah that’s right lockdown is so mentally draining isn’t it. I know […]

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Snot pot

Can we just take a moment to understand how much snot one child can actually produce. Where the heck is it coming from? I mean they only have teiny tiny noses, yet that snot seems to just keep on coming and coming and coming and before you know it you’re trying to wade your way […]

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Smear test- a follow up.

I’ve been debating weather I should could or would write this blog post for a couple of days now. After some thinking I decided I need to be honest about what’s going on otherwise my whole message trying to get women to go for their smear will be worth nothing. So here goes… 2 days […]

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Get yah fanny checked!

It’s something women dread, it’s a taboo and it needs to be spoken about more. What is it? THE SMEAR TEST. The delightful event where what feels like a test tube is shoved up yah muff. But please don’t be alarmed I’m here to make you laugh and make sure you get that smear test […]

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Quetiapine Queen

As it’s recently been mental health awareness day I thought I’d just do a little post about about something that’s close to my heart. And that’s the medication I take. I’ve never really spoken about this before with you guys because it’s not really something I shout from the roof tops because I’m a private […]

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This years holiday wasn’t really what we’d planned for obsivious reasons! But we’re going away so that’s all that mattered. After 2 long months back at work and on the verge of a mental and physical breakdown I really needed this break away. So bags packed and car full to bursting off we set for […]

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Blueberry Bum.

Kids are just hillarious aren’t they? I mean they just enjoy the most simplest things in life. Like playing with a hairbrush or playing peekaboo for the 90th time that day. Running round with a bowl on Their head or waving a spatula about. Life is there to be enjoyed when you are that wee […]

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Who knew that cute little son of mine was actually a mini Satan in disguise. Running around with his little red horns and spikey tail taking out anything in his path. I can’t be the only one whose house goes from perfection to natural disaster in 0.4 seconds? The term wrecking ball is putting it […]

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Birthday boy!

My baby is 1 ! bloody 1. how the hell did that happen?! It only seems yesterday he was dragged kicking and screaming out of my fanny with a pair of forceps the Size of tennis rackets. And boy don’t I know it. But today is not about me it’s about my very handsome funny […]

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Glam mums

Motherhood really couldn’t be any less glam if it tried. Picking bogies here, wiping arses there, and if you haven’t had to scrape shit from under your finger nails atleast once then you are deffo telling porkie pies! Don’t even get me started on the meal times. If you haven’t come out with spaghetti in […]

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