The Cupcake King. Baking with Rex

I absolutely love that my boy loves making cakes as much as I do! He really likes getting hands on with weighing and mixing aswell as sneakily eating the sprinkles when he thinks mummy ain’t looking! So I promised him we’d make some cakes on my day off so that’s exactly what we did! Below […]

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Heartbeat ❤️

I figured we needed a little update. I am now 15 weeks pregnant with my little bean. (Gender still to be determined) so what’s been happening? Well I’m finally (just about) over this horrible cough flu thing I’ve had, my stomach is VERY twingey and stretchy even though I still don’t think I’m showing yet. […]

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I sit here today writing this after getting yet another negative pregnancy test. Asking myself WHY? Almost another year in trying for baby number 2 and still nothing. I thought the first time around was just bad luck but here I am going through it all again. What I don’t understand is why. Why does […]

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