Ultrasound Direct. Our early scan

If you’re anything like me and by that I mean the most inpatient person in the world then you’d know I’ve been chomping at the bit to find out the gender of our baby as early as possible. So it’s a bloody good job we knew exactly where to go as I’ve been in this predicament before! That’s right we also had a private scan to find out that Rex was a boy because I was sooooo desperate to know.

Now the clinic we used last time was absolutely cracking. It’s called ultrasound direct and it’s In Oxford buisness park, they specialise in diffrent things. One of those being gender scans apparently they’ve only got one wrong in the whole time theve been open! Which puts my mind as ease because the NHS hospital scan isn’t actually designed to find out the gender they just so happen to beable to tell you it. (If they can) anyway back to ultrasound direct, they do a scan for pretty much anything you just have to pick which one you’d like. We had 2 options… gender reveal scan where they don’t tell you the gender and instead it gets put into a secret envelope and you also get a big confetti cannon filled with either blue or pink confetti. Or you can go for just the gender scan where they basically just tell you what your having. Which is the one we went for.

So off we popped on Saturday morning to go find out wheather it’s 💕 or 💙 now the building has moved from when we last went and it’s not signposted very well so it took abit of finding but we got there eventually with about 2 minutes to spare. But as we walked through the door I could see the receptionists face sink as she said to me “Oh didn’t you know we don’t allow children in” OH FUCK we’d only taken Rex with us hadn’t we!! And I really don’t want to go in on my own. But very kindly they agreed to sneak Rex in. Now I’m not sure how anyone sneaks Rex into anything as he ain’t exactly the quietest of chaps but we managed it!

We had a lovely lady called Alison and she was magnificent. Before revealing the gender she did a number of diffrent checks and showed us the heart beat. Then…. She pulled out this laminated sheet and told us what the diffrent “bits” of the baby look like and could we guess before she tells us. Oh crickey I ain’t qualified for this sort of thing! So basically we’re either looking for a little willy OR a little line which is the sign it’s a girl. After abit of jiggling about it was kinda hard to tell but then I saw the line!! To scared to say girl incase I was wrong and looked like a ungrateful idiot for not saying boy I said ummm a girl? I think… I’m not sure.

CONGRATULATIONS…. It’s a girl she said! All I heard was a big cheer from hubby as he was desperate for a girl! I don’t really know what was going through my head but I was excited, scared and humbled all in one! One of each we’re going to have one of each how lucky are we! Then it suddenly dawns on me. Oh shit I don’t know what I’m doing with a girl! My life had been consumed by boy stuff for nearly 4 years I have absolutely no idea how to shop for a girl or anything!! Anyway we finshed up and had about 6-7 scan photos given to us then we left. The scan cost us £60 which isn’t to bad in my opinion.

And so there you have it! We are having a girl! How bloody exciting. June can’t come quick enough 💕 until next time.




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