The Cupcake King. Baking with Rex

I absolutely love that my boy loves making cakes as much as I do! He really likes getting hands on with weighing and mixing aswell as sneakily eating the sprinkles when he thinks mummy ain’t looking! So I promised him we’d make some cakes on my day off so that’s exactly what we did! Below is how it went plus the recipe if you’d like to try making some yourself!


250g caster sugar

250g Margerine

250g self raising flour

4 eggs



Weigh out all Ingredients and set your oven to 160oc

Beat the marge and sugar together until fluffy

Slowly add the eggs and beat hard until creamy

Tip in all the flour and mix slowly until combined.

Add some sprinkles and chocolate chips then spoon into cupcake cases and bake on 160oc for approx 20 min.

So off we went! Apron on and Chef Rex was ready and raring to go. Weighing the ingredients like a pro he was having a ball! all we need for next time is a big tall white hat.

He was being very helpful and very tidy which made mummy happy!

In go the sprinkles!
All ready to go in the oven!
Decorated with buttercream m&ms and magic stars. Yummy!




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