Paper Pants not included!

so… The time has come, shits about to get real and I have to pack my hospital bag! it only seems like yesterday I was peeing on a little stick, and now I’m only 3 weeks away from due date! I’ve been putting off even thinking about the birth, time in hospital and packing my bag. I need to man up and accept this is happening… the baby is coming and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

So, what do I actually need to pack in my hospital bag? After extensive research and by research I mean having a quick gander online I have discovered Instead of packing for a couple of nights stay in hospital I am actually packing for a weeks holiday in Tenerife.. ( I WISH! ) Who knew you had to basically hire a lorry to transport all your stuff to the hospital?

After compiling a list of what I thought I needed I headed off to the shops in search of the bits and pieces I needed to pack. Most of the stuff I’ve already got at home such as nighties ( very sexy) pyjamas and t shirts etc. All the obvious stuff. So strolling round asda with my trolley as I’m to lazy to carry a basket! Anyway there’s a whole aisle dedicated to babies and all the gumph you need. Now I got recommended by someone that I would need some big maternity pads as apparently you bleed like Niagara falls after the birth and judging by the huge maternity pads I bought they arnt lying! You could sail across the Atlantic on these humongous pads that apparently will fit into my knickers I will let you know how that goes…
so I threw  a couple packs of them in my trolley. Conveniently On the same shelf I spotted some maternity pants that I thought looked pretty handy… until I picked up the box for a look and realised they are paper pants yes that’s right PAPER PANTS!! now I know labouring a child isn’t the most glorifying thing in the world but I am not going to be subjected to covering my woman’s bits in paper bloody pants!! ( excuse the pun) That’s not me being a snob far from it…  I am taking a trip to Primark later in the week to get a pack of new pants.

Supposedly I will need breast pads once your body starts producing milk you start to leak. urgh so many things to think about! I have looked everywhere and can I find any breast pads? can I buggery… so I’ve bought a big pack of cotton wool pads hoping they will do the job, what can go wrong? Apart from all the clothes and pads for different body parts I’ve been recommended other things to take these include- books, magazines, sweets, iPad, water, phone charger and a hand held fan. Then there’s the things you might miss out like toothpaste tooth brush etc. I’ve been told chewing gum is a good idea!

Now of Corse your partner/birthing partner in this case my baby daddy Mr M will be joining me on the wonderful birthing experience, don’t forget they could be at the hospital for hours so they are going to need some supplies to! We have a little bag packed for the daddy to be and of Corse this includes the essentials such as chocolate biscuits and bottles of coke, that should keep him going… we have thrown in a spare pair of clean clothes just for good measure.

 thanks to everyone who has recommended me what to pack here is a list of what I’ve packed for myself…

Very sexy old lady nighties x2
shorts x3
t shirts x3
new pants x6
flip flops
hand held fan
cotton wool pads
maternity pads
chewing gum
phone charger

And for the baby I have packed…

baby grows x4
baby hats x2
scratch mits x4
nappy cream
aptamil starter pack (milk)
muslin cloths x3
socks x 3
teddy bear

and there you have it… packed and ready to dash off whenever the pregnancy gods decide its time!



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