Calpol junkie

We’ve been dealing with the pearly whites for quite a few months now but shits just got real and my child has turned into a calpol loving junkie, shooting up at any given opportunity in a bid to win the war against the teething saga he is experiencing.

If calpol dealing were a thing he’s be standing on street corners right now with a suitcase full of the stuff, imagine the modern day Del Boy, case loads of the stuff to shift. This time next year mummy we will be millionaires. in all seriousness this kid is calpol fanatic. Hed drink it by the bottle load if he had the chance.

Now I do understand how painful it must be growing teeth, having big white sharp knashers cutting through your gums the rentlentalous race that your never going to win. Endless throbbing and aching. Is it any wonder our kids are shooting up at any given oppurtuinty. The line at the calpol annomous group must be full of kids quing up with the shakes trying to get their daily fix.

Calpol themselves have realised this epidemic and even started producing syringes instead of spoons because it’s so much easier to shoot it right in. The kids love it. Mine in particular gets every excited as soon as he sees the syringe come out the box and all of a sudden perks up. Who can blame him really? The poor boy is cutting teeth like a fat man cutting cake. They are coming thick and fast so I suspect our calpol junkie days are far from over.


It’s 2020 people like me have to assure the snowflakes that my child is actually not a calpol junkie nor does he EVER get given more than the recommended dose.



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