Birthday boy!

My baby is 1 ! bloody 1. how the hell did that happen?! It only seems yesterday he was dragged kicking and screaming out of my fanny with a pair of forceps the Size of tennis rackets. And boy don’t I know it. But today is not about me it’s about my very handsome funny little fellow and his birthday.

And here we are a year later about to celebrate my beautiful boys birthday and no bastard lock down is going to ruin that! I’ve been preparing for this day ever since I found out I was pregnant. We all want to spoil our kids and give them the best memories we can!

So a few months ago I started buying decorations and bits and peices ready for Rexs big day. I don’t know who’s more excited me or Rex! Banners balloons and hats. We’ve got it all.

So our plans are as follows- a family day at the cotswold wild life park followed by a birthday tea in the garden with a few friends. Then the bastard weather forecast said rain all week and compleatly tipped my anixety over the edge worrying it was going to ruin Rexs birthday.

So we carried on planning as normal and the night before his birthday we decorated the garden. Meanwhile some stupid twat (Me) decided it would be a good idea to make a balloon arch for the party. If you arnt familiar with what ballon arches are then let me enlighten you with the total and utter ball ache of how to make one. My first bit of advice would be don’t bloody bother. But If you are hell bent on having one then I suggest you get started now because they take time to make!!

Firstly you need to order a balloon arch base which is basically a plastic tape with loads of holes in. Then all you need to do is thread the ballons through the holes. Easy right? WRONG!! You have to tie each individual balloon on …by hand. An hour and a half in, sore fingers and just about to lose my rag I decided I couldn’t give up now so I powered through. Credit to Mr M who blew the majority of them up all by himself without the use of the pump.

Half way there!!

3 BLOODY HOURS LATER my fingers in tatters and my paitience just about at breaking point I had finshed!! It took up my whole living room and took 2 of us to relocate it into the kitchen where it would be staying until the morning. Pretty proud of my effort I went to bed with a big smile on my face looking forward to the pending birthday party the following day.


Up at the crack of dawn present opening. I have to hand it to the boy he knows how to tear those presents to shreds! So many clothes and toys and bubbles!! Spoilt rotten as expected we had some quick breakfast and headed off to cotswold wildlife park where we had a fantastic day seeing all the animals and pretty flowers.

Absolutly exhausted from all the excitement we headed home ready to party!! Quick nap and shower and off we go getting all the decorations up on the garden. Just as everyone is arriving it starts absolutly hammering it down with rain and I’m not going to lie I just wanted to sob. Rexs birthday was going to be ruined. I couldn’t have everybody in my house because of that cunt corona virus so we very quickly manged to get 2 gazebos up in the garden for people to shelter under. Just as we’ve frantically finished getting them up it stops raining and the sun comes out! YAY!!

The birthday boy complete with bow tie and crown

We had a great birthday tea party surrounded by what little People we were allowed the kids played and we had party food and cake and it was honestly the most perfect first birthday.

I just want to thank everybody who made Rexs first birthday extra special 💙



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