Reduced movement. what to do if it happens to you.

I am finally home from a long not so nice day and I’d like to tell you all about it. I’ve not been sleeping very well lately with one thing or another playing on my mind, mostly thinking about my brother but secondly I am over obsessing with a couple of little problems I’m having during this pregnancy. Problems being baby measuring to small and having an abnormality with her heartbeat. But that’s another story for another day.

My baby is like her mum, she likes to sleep during the day and come alive at night, usually starting her little kicking party as soon as I get into bed. It’s almost become routine now that the second I lay down in bed she starts. But 2 days ago I noticed she’d been abit quiet, the odd little flutter here and there which could easily be mistaken for something else but that was it. I thought nothing of it. Untill the second night when again she just wasn’t there, that’s when the fear kinda set in and I started jiggling my tummy around to get her to move but still nothing. Now I’m really fucking panicking, thinking all sorts. It was the middle of the night so all i could do was try and go to sleep and stop being such a worry wart but that’s easier said then done when you live inside my head so after not much sleep and a lot of thinking the worst I finally got a few hours kip.

Anyway the morning came around and I just couldn’t stop wondering if she was okay or not. My anxiety was taking over and I’d already decided in my head that something wasn’t right but I went to work and tried to keep busy but all day in the back of my head I kept telling myself I had to do something. But at the same time I don’t want to waste anybody’s time. But the thoughts just didn’t go away so I rang the lovely community midwife team and they told me to go up to Witney hospital to get checked over.

I had such a lovely midwife, honestly made me feel so comfortable and reassured me. She done a few measurements of my stomach and other bits then she put the machine on me to find the heart beat and sure enough BOOM BOOM BOOM there she was! I immediately burst into tears I just felt so emotional and silly and relieved but glad I’d done the right thing. All through the appointment the midwife assured me I did the right thing in getting checked and deep down I knew she was right. The midwife reckons baby is laying with her back to my tummy which could be why I’m not feeling her move because she’s kicking the inside of me and not the outside but she said if im still worried over the weekend to go back. Which made me feel so much better feeling like I’d wasted their time.

So I’d really like to just give some little facts about reduced movement in pregnancy that I’ve taken from the NHS website. If you are reading this and experiencing reduced moment please DO NOT TAKE THIS POST AS ADVICE. Seek medical help either with a doctor or midwife. This post is my personal story with a few bits thrown in for information. so here goes….

•You should start to feel your baby move between 16-24 weeks although this is diffrent for everyone.

•There is no set pattern for the movements of your baby.

•If you are concerned or you haven’t felt your baby move in 24 hours call your midwife team as soon as possible

•Do not feel like you are wasting anybody’s time, it is important to check your baby is well.

•Most importantly PLEASE do not use a home doppler to locate baby’s heartbeat at home. These are so dangerous and not a reliable way to check baby’s heartbeat.

So after my long ass day of worrying I’m finally home ready to go to bed and hopefully feel my little Princess break out into some dance moves. Thankyou for reading and I hope this post helps at least one person. But PLEASE remember call your midwife team straight away rather then reading my story and assuming it is the same for you.



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